Standing Firm in the Heat of Battle

As Jesus stood firm amongst the crowd who vehemently accused Him and wished to see Him put to death He did not open His mouth. Instead, Jesus let God defend Him. Jesus still had to face suffering, but ultimately, in the end, as Jesus stood firm in the midst of great persecution, God brought the victory.
I don’t know what you’re facing in life right now that you’re having trouble standing firm in, but know that as you do, God’s grace meets you there. I get it, that’s not an easy thing to do. In my own will I wish to flee the trying circumstances instead of staying in it to watch God bring about victory. Jesus only did one thing as He stood before the crowd who wrongfully accused Him. He stood firm. That’s it He didn’t even defend himself, even though He was an innocent man. He let His Father do that.

Watch your heart in the battle and know that as you continually give things over to God you are met with more of His grace. It’s not even really about you at this point, it never has been. It’s really all about your need for further sanctification. God is always using trying circumstances to take our faith to a new level. If we are willing to trust Him and not give into anger, fear, bitterness and resentment we’ll see our hearts burst forth with a deeper love for God, a heart that trusts more and a will that is further surrendered to the plans of our Father. As you actively STAND FIRM in the heat of the battle God’s grace steadies your heart and fills your heart and mind with a peace that goes beyond understanding. The hope is that others might watch and wonder how you could be so at peace in the midst of such a great storm. As they watch, let them see the power of God on display in your life, for God’s great glory.

Lord, help us in the heat of the battle to stand firm for your namesake. We are weak people. We do not like to walk through storms, but on the other side is great victory if we are willing to trust you in the midst of it. Lord, I give you my life today, standing firm in your grace, not giving way to fear, anger or pride. I need you for each breath that I take, because without your grace I’ll give into the crowd. I’ll feel the need to defend myself and give up on standing firm. I am weak, but you are strong. Fill me with more of your grace and bring about great victory in my life in Jesus name, amen.


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