Feeling Like God’s Biggest Mistake

Before the mountains had been shaped, before the hills, I was brought forth, (Pr 8:25).

Have you ever felt insignificant to God? Like maybe He had made a mistake when He made you? I felt that way all the time as a teenager. It wasn’t until I understood who I was in Christ that I started dying to those thoughts that said I was of no importance to God.

God has a way of showering His love for His children. One of the ways He does this is through His own craftsmanship. It’s the beauty of a sunset, the joy of a smile and the wonder of you. God’s design, the different shapes, colors and intricacies of people are a beautiful picture of the tapestry of God.

The color of your skin, hair, your body shape or the size of your feet were of no mistake to God. Until we have a right view of who we are in Christ, we will always be left wanting. We’ll find the need to run for botox, lift bigger weights or try the newest diet trend.

A heart at rest is a heart who sees the handiwork of God when they look at themselves in the mirror. They understand as they rest, abiding deeply in Christ, they are one of His image bearers and that bearing His image means loving what He has created in them. The more we fight being HIs image bearer the greater our hearts grow in discontentment. As the joy of the Lord becomes the banner of our lives, the message of our hearts shouts of peace and rest in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, let my heart say, it is well with my soul. Thank you that you have brought me forth. You know me, you created my inmost being. You love me. God, help me to rest in being your image bearer. Thank you that you have made me beautiful because I am made in your image. Lord, let your light and love shine through me for your namesake. Let the banner of my life shout things like love, joy, peace, and kindness to a watching world. I surrender my anxieties over things like food and exercise to you today and I ask that you, Jesus, might reign on the throne of my life over these thoughts today, amen.


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