The LORD knows the thoughts of man,

That they are a mere breath….(Psalm 94:11)


Breathing is essential to survival. Without it, we’re sure to quickly perish.
David says the thoughts of man are a mere breath. Truth is, our thoughts can quickly fill us with greater purpose, vitality, and joy or they can suffocate us and usher in certain destruction upon our lives.
Have you ever been so overwhelmed by discouragement, pain or despair that you felt as though you couldn’t breathe? The depth of your anguish seemed too great to get out from under and the weight of it slowly began to crush you, suffocating you from the freedom God desires you to have.
This life is difficult and how well we deal with the struggles of life will determine if we will breathe with a sense of peace in our hearts or constant unrest and anxiety. There are many people who have been crushed by bitterness, fear, and anger. Their life’s purpose stifles under their own self-strangulation because they cannot seem to get out from under whatever it is that is holding them captive.
This is a lie. You can get out from under it.
The Psalmist says, “Out of my distress I called on the LORD; the LORD answered me and set me free.” (Psalm 118:5)
Every time I am overcome with fear, the intensity of my breathing increases. My body locks up and my hearts starts to race. Spiritually, this is not the place God desires for us to live. However, this is the place you will live if you are overcome with worry, fear, and unbelief.
God’s will is that we would breathe easy in the joy of His grace. He longs for us to learn how to rest in the shade of His peace, even in the midst of life’s greatest storms. His presence sits in a spacious place, a land flowing with milk and honey. His peace is our inheritance, to find solace, joy, and victory in Jesus name.
Lord, be my peace. You know my life. You have seen every moment. You knew when trouble would come. You also give me joy and purpose in midst of great trouble. You are not far from me. Your presence is with us in the land of the living. Lord, today, I claim my inheritance. I want to sit with you in a spacious place. A place of victory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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