God’s Vindication

He who vindicates me is near….(Is 50:8).

God’s vindication often comes in the most unlikely of places. We can never be certain of how God will do it, who He will raise up, or how He will make it happen. However, we can be certain of one thing; God’s vindication always comes in the waiting. It never comes in the worrying, I’ll take charge kind of life. God’s deliverance always comes to those who would walk through the crucible of testing and walk in the wisdom of His refinement.

If God says He will do it, then sit back and let Him make it happen. If God says, I will fight for you, then wait and listen, watch and pray for His hand to move mountains, breakdown strongholds and set you free.

The pressure to step in and wield our own will is at times, overwhelming, but nothing will be accomplished in our own feeble strength.

We may wonder, worry and fear where God’s deliverance will come from, but we can trust and know that God is orchestrating a beautiful symphony. We dare not snatch the baton from His hand. In doing so, we delay the process of seeing His will be put on display in our lives because we stay in the places of fear, distrust, and pride.

Lord, we need. your grace. We are weak, feeble people who love to be in control. Lord, I am one of those people, but I want to sit with you in the waiting. I want to see your glory on display. Lord, shut my mouth if no words are supposed to come from it. Keep my feet from moving any direction that you have not ordered for me. In Jesus name, Amen.


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