The Shadows

“You mistake the shadows of the mountains for men (Jdg 9:36).

Fear gripped my heart when I awoke one night to see the shadow of a man in my bedroom years ago. As I began to panic and throw up prayers of LORD, SAVE ME! I took a closer look at the shadow in my room only to find that it was from my coat hanger.


…well…that’s embarrassing….

Cessation of panic. (make a note to self to buy a coat hanger shaped like a heart or a cuddly teddy bear)

You see, the enemies tool to pull us out of truth is deception. It’s to convince us that what we see is not what is actually there. Hence, the coat hanger I believed to be a man.

How we handle situations in life has a lot to do with what we see in the shadows. Truth is truth, but if we are unable to see it, we will walk in darkness. Often times, one wrong look, one wrong perspective can throw us into a pit of fear and disbelief.

Fear is something I struggle with a lot and once it grips my heart it directs much of my thoughts. I can have entire days directed by fear. They are exhausting days. They are not life-giving days.

Wouldn’t it be great if when I prayed against fear God just took it away? That’s not how He works though. Most often what God will do is put us in positions that press our buttons of fear to see if we might trust Him. Doing so grows our faith and teaches us how to overcome.

As a basketball coach I had a girl who was afraid of using her strength in the post position, so what did we do? Let her play point guard? No. We kept putting pressure on her down low. We taught her that she didn’t have to fear.

What shadow is being cast on your heart today? Is it one of fear? It was for me, but not anymore, because I’m choosing to walk in the power of Christ who fills me with courage.

Is a shadow being cast on your heart of insecurity, pride, anger, un-forgivness, divisiveness, hatred, jealousy, envy or the like? There is another shadow we can rest in when we are overcome with any of these thoughts. It is the shadow of God’s mercy.

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”- Psalm 56:3

Lord, you know how much I struggle with fear. My heart so often runs towards those places of deception. This is why I need your grace. I have your Holy Spirit. I am an overcomer, and so today I stand on who I am in Christ. I am a victor. I am pure, free, kind, loving, compassionate and full of mercy- through Christ. Today, I will walk in that power, in Jesus name, amen!

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