The Place of Mental Anguish

it is what comes out of a person that defiles them”…. (Mk 7:15–16).

Sometimes I have this problem. I’ll call it, “diarrhea of the mouth.” It stems from a place deep in my heart that lacks the peace of God. It is the area of my heart yet to be sanctified fully by the Lord Jesus. When I live in this place I am quick to give myself over to fear, doubt, and control.

I often have this sense in my Spirit that I am to stay silent, but if I am not fully resting in the place of grace, diarrhea of the mouth rears its ugly head.

Our sinful nature makes it impossible for us not to struggle with such thoughts. However, the Spirit empowers us to overcome our mental anguish for the glory of God. It is His word that transforms our lowly hearts to be fully alive in His mercy. It is the potter’s hands that grow us into new beings for a greater purpose. When the potter gets a hold of our hearts we need only keep our mouth shut and let Him do the work. The potter does not snatch our hearts from within us but waits for us to place our heart upon His wheel.


The difficulty comes in letting the potter keep our hearts on His wheel. Many Christians have grown uncomfortable with the re-shaping of their hearts, so they grab for the wheel and take their hearts back, locking them in places of false comfort for their own misguided protection. Could it be that God is calling you to a deeper place of trust? Could it be that He wants to challenge your fears and idols?

The potter often takes us to the deepest places of our fears. Not to shame us or leave us there, but to challenge our hearts and minds to see if we will learn to trust Him.

A number of years ago when I was coaching basketball we had a girl who was fearful down in the post position. Instead of moving her to a different position we would spend a good amount of time in practice making her face her fears. We would beat her up a little bit down low to help her grow to be stronger. Eventually, over time, she became more confident in the post position. Had she run from our coaching, not seeing the purpose of it, but placing her thoughts on her present fear she would have never grown to be a better post player.

It could be that our present circumstances have been sent by God to mold and shape us into new people. It could be that what we are currently walking through has everything to do with being made new through the cross of Christ. Do not fear, learn to give over your heart without snatching it back. Avoid the tendency to lock it up in places of false comfort for your own perceived protection.

Jesus, I trust you. I do not always understand why, but I know the one who does. I do not always like the refining process, but I know that you are Lord over it. Abba, I do not want to snatch my heart from your hands. I long to trust you. Jesus, be my joy for your glory, Amen.

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