Christian Leadership: Small Stage, Big God.

and he became their commander…(1 Sa 22:2).

David didn’t need to be in the King’s house to be a leader for God and neither do we.

What David had was the fresh anointing of God. There was no denying his leadership gifts. He led even while he was on the run. In fact, any Christian leader who wishes to be faithful to God will always find themselves leading, especially when they are on the move.


Christian leaders do not need titles to lead. The best kind of Christian leaders are the ones who lead not just inside the church, but outside as well.

They lead in their homes, on the athletic field, in coffee shops, in prisons, homeless shelters, in politics and every area and facet of society.

David, the true King of Israel found himself fleeing from the mentally unstable and fiercely jealous Saul. A band of 400 distressed men joined David in the cave of Adullam and he became their leader. We do not know whom God will place within our path, but for big praise or small He may be asking us to lead them.

Do not seek for yourself to only lead while on center stage or for the praise of man. Lead in those hidden, unseen places for the glory of God.

Lord, sometimes I grow lazy when the stage is small. Sometimes I daydream of a bigger stage where I could really lead for you. Forgive me. Today I want to lead in those hidden, unseen areas for your glory. Thank you for this breathe of life today. I want to honor you with it, in Jesus name, amen.

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