The Ancient Paths

Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths, ….(Je 6:16).

Whenever we stray from God we should ask for the ancient paths.


As the prophet Jeremiah stood before the nation of Israel he implored God’s people to return to the days of old. To remember the ways of the patriarchs and walk in their wisdom.

A nation will quickly give way to rebellion if it does not remember the wisdom of ages past. As Solomon says, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Yet, we are always searching for something new to fill our hearts and minds with a sense of satisfaction that only God was meant to fill.

It is in the grace of God and the wisdom of His word that we find hope and direction for our lives. The beautiful story of the Bible is that God’s word is full of people who messed up time and time again but received grace. This gives me hope for someone like me who doesn’t always do it right.

When we forget the ancient paths we are sure to have a wrong understanding of who God is. Much our misgivings about Him stem from a lack of understanding of His true nature. When we call ourselves to remember Him, His word, His justice, and His sovereignty we can find courage for our souls to keep pressing forward in faith.

I’ll be honest, I really struggle with trusting God. Fear is a real issue of mine. God is pressing me into places where I am being forced to trust Him. He is squeezing me into circumstances where I can do nothing but lay passive in His hands in full submission to His will. I cannot make things happen for myself in this place, nor can I manipulate anything. This is the place of remembrance. In this place, I am being called to remember the same God who raised the dead, set captives free, caused the sun to stand still and parted the Red Sea. Truly, if He can do those things for those who have gone before me, then He can do the same for you in me.

Where are you not trusting God today?

Jesus, I trust you. Sometimes, I become afraid. I fear man’s control over me. I fear the outcome might not be as I desire. I forget in my own finite thinking that you are in total control. Forgive me when I do not remember the ancient paths, but when I allow my heart to stray from them. I want to walk in wisdom, in Jesus name, Amen.

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