Love: The Remedy For A Wounded Heart

the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart,…. (Mt 15:18).

How we treat people matters. It shows who we truly are underneath it all. Whatever our heart is full of is what we will give out. If our heart is full of jealousy and greed we will give to them what we feel that we lack. Since we speak from a place of emptiness, our words shoot from our mouths like arrows out of a quiver. Our words hold no real sustenance, but they can still cut like a knife to the soul of the hearer. The hearer wonders if what a person said in spite is actually true of them.

In my own unhealthiness, I have spoken cutting words to those I love, not because I was trying to hurt them. To my own admittance, my heart was not full of the love of God. Pride and fear still resided somewhere deep in my heart. That pride and fear caused me to say and do things, not out of love but based out of what I had wrongfully stored up in my heart.


Why do we hurt people? I believe it’s because we are actually the ones who are hurting. As the old adage goes, “hurt people, hurt people.” Until we deal seriously with the wounds of our own souls we will never be able to freely and absolutely love another person well for who they are. We will try to manipulate them through our own emotionally bankruptcy convincing them they are the problem.

What each soul needs is a much greater understanding of the fullness of real love. Found only in the person of Jesus Christ. A laying down of the past, to take up a new future. A transformed heart and mind through the cross of Jesus Christ. Only then can we fully love another. Until we reach that point we will only love out of what we have poured into our hearts. Most likely what resides there is fear, anger, control, criticism, and pride. My own insecurities come rushing to the surface when I deal relationally with others. Then I wonder why I have such relational strife in my life.

Could it be that our relational stress comes from the insecurity stored up in our own hearts? I think so. Each individual has a part to play. They must let go of things like fear, anger, control, pride and the like. That’s the first step. The next step is to replace those unhealthy beliefs with right beliefs about God. A transformed heart comes only through the application of HIs word to our hurting souls. When we apply God’s word to the woundedness of our own souls the bleeding stops and the wound begins to heal. His love invades our souls in a new way so that now what we give to others comes from the newfound love stored up inside our hearts through faith in Christ alone.

Jesus, you know I have wounds. You know I have insecurities and fears. Yet, I want to live from the fullness of love. I want a transformed heart. Thank you that I can be free in you. Thank you, God, that the love you have for me is the love I can offer to others. I long to pour that out to others, in Jesus name, Amen!

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