The Fountains of His Love

All my fountains are in you….(Ps 87:7).

Sometimes I get really thirsty. I remember while hiking throughout Israel in the hot desert sun. It felt like I couldn’t drink enough water. We carried loads and loads of water with us each day to quench our thirst.

When I was a teen I used boys, and the pursuit of beauty to quench my thirsty soul. I always felt dry inside. I’d take another sip from the same fountain of lies, only to find that my thirst quickly returned with insatiable desire. Nothing seemed to work. Everything I pursued only left me empty inside.

When I turned to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ I soon learned that the true source of life’s satisfaction is found in the well that never runs dry; the love of God in Jesus Christ. I came to embrace with my whole being that my insatiability came from my own desire to be king of my life. To provide for myself and to make my own way. I soon learned that God wanted to fill my life with HIs love and joy through forgiveness found only in Jesus.


I finally learned that my fountains were not found in some outside source, no, but through an eternal being. I still struggle from time to time to sip from the old fountains of control and perfectionism in my life. They present themselves before me in moments when my buttons are pressed and my insecurities are stirred. They whisper their wares as if they had some sort of mystical power to release me from my present worry. However, their whispers are but tauntings. Their words are but wind. They hold no real sustenance but are merely contemptuous empty vessels full of false comforts.

There is no wishing upon a fountain to hope for something it cannot give. It is but only a fountain. It cannot control itself. We must go to the source to find fulfillment. The one who breathed life into existence and at His word spoke and the universe was created.

The source of His joy is our eternal hope and purpose. He comes not to only fill us halfway, but to bring us to a place of overflowing with His love and joy as we drink from the place of His provision. The fountain of His love.

Jesus, I desperately want all my fountains to be in you. I want to be so full of the love of God that I know nothing other than your hope. That I know nothing more than your peace and purpose for my life. Jesus, be the well I drink from. Be my eternal hope, life, and peace, in Jesus name, Amen!

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