Seated at the Table

Give us this day our daily bread….(Matt 6:11)

I think we have mistaken something about the Kingdom. When we think of God we picture a grand banquet for ourselves to belly up to. We imagine a table full of provision, blessing, and abundance. Although, I believe this is true. I do not believe when we belly up to the table the provision just happens to be there upon our arrival.


I believe each day, we scoot up to an empty table. A table God is expectant to fill if we would sit with Him in the waiting. Could it be God desires to serve us up the most delicious breakfast of His provision, but we become impatient? We want the results now and so due to our overwhelming anxiety our mind races with thoughts of how we might begin to fill the table. We grab for whatever feels easiest to soothe our present worry. Instead of the satisfaction of God’s provision, we settle for cereal and coffee.

Everyone knows that cereal doesn’t satisfy for very long. We become hungry again, so we seek once more to fill our anxious minds with whatever seems most convenient. From God’s hand comes the fullness of His blessing. It leaves us feeling satisfied and full of joy.

After a satisfying meal, I do not feel the need to go seeking for something else in the pantry. I feel content to stay at the table and enjoy the fellowship of the meal. Could it be that God is longing for us to wait on Him to provide our daily bread so that we might feast with Him in satisfying fellowship at the table of His mercy?

In this present season of life, I am being thrust into a place of deep waters. It’s a place where I long to hear from the Master, yet it is also the place my anxiety kicks into overdrive. I have moments where I allow fear and worry to overtake me. It is there when my self-sufficiency kicks in. At that moment I flee from the table. God does not live in the chaos of our anxiety. He waits for us to return to the table of His mercy. Through repentance, we must practice faith. For faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

I hear the Master saying, “Heather, come and linger with me at the table. There is something so great coming that you wouldn’t believe it if you would wait for me to fill your life with my provision and blessing.”

Yes, Lord, I surrender. For I am seated with Christ. I am your beloved. In you, I find everything that I need. I am anxious and worried because I do not know what deep faith is. However, I am learning. I am learning to place all of my life in your hands to watch you work. Lord, fill the table today with your mercies that are new every morning. Thank you, I am expectant to see how you will fill the table, in Jesus name, Amen!

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