The Fight from Within

I am recognizing that my heart is a battlefield.  A war rages deep within me over fear, control, and expectations.  My heart wants to bargain with God, with the hopes that He’ll choose my plan over His.  My plan feels more comforting.  It feels more familiar and safe.  I’m standing on the brink of the promised land, awaiting His deliverance, but uncomfortable with His timing, so I start fighting against the hand who is leading me.

Could it be that God is asking us to take His hand, to lead us into the promised land of His provision and rest, but we would rather run our own direction?  Could it be that our desires our birthed in deep selfishness and generational sins?  The sins passed down to us from those that went before us rage like a storm within our hearts.

There stands our Lord, in the midst of the storm in complete and total control, asking us to join Him in rest at the helm of the boat.

The sins of our fathers scream within our hearts.  Here we are faced with a choice, to be set free from generational bonds or to hold fast to them as those before us did.  The breaking of generational bonds does not come because we just happened to pray for strength, they come when we actively stand with the Lord Jesus in the midst of battle, resisting the devil.  Resisting old habits and comforts.  Resisting the patterns of the past we have followed and the false comforts we have clung to.

Every generational sin has been set up to destroy us. It seeks to destroy our kin as well.  Unless we deal seriously with it we will pass down those generational sins to our children.  We wonder why our youth are in such distress?  Could it be that we have not taken seriously our own issues?  Could it be that deep selfishness and pride has invaded our culture in such abhorrent ways that its power is now being impressed upon our children?  Could it be that we have fought the wrong wars?  We spend so much time fighting over Facebook over the most menial of things.   We are completely aloof to the need to fight with all our might over our own personal struggles against sin.

The greatest fight of your life will not be from the outside, but from the inside.  Inside your own heart and mind.  The outside pressures only reveal what lies inside your own heart.  The pressing of our consciences reveals what we really believe about God.  Lord, help us.  We need a renewed heart and mind for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen!

Jesus, thank you that you are a mighty provider.  Thank you that I am found in you.  Thank you that you and I are walking a beautiful journey.  Thank you that I need not fear.  Thank you that I have everything in you.  Today, I place all of my trust in you, in Jesus name, Amen!


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