A Posture of Praise

he went into the house of the LORD and worshiped…(2 Sa 12:20).

There is a certain posture the Christian must find themselves in during all circumstances of life if they are going to live with the right perspective. It is the posture of praise.


The problem is most Christian’s do not live in this posture, because they are quick to find a problem with their present circumstances. The heart has a way of spinning our present lot in life into a place of defeat instead of seeing the hand of God in the still small voice of victory.

If we really want to hear and receive from God’s hand we must be willing to see with the eyes of truth. Some believe the glass is half empty, while others believe the glass is half full. God believes that daily life is a continual feast for those who would trust in His name. When we receive something from God, we should praise Him. Even if it is not what we expected.

Our present lot is for His future glory. This is often the difficult part to accept because in our own immaturity we believe our present lot to be unfair and unfounded. We think, but what have I done to deserve this? I thought becoming a Christian meant my life would get easier?

We must remember that the Christian life is not so much about receiving what our own eyes desire but asking God to change our eyes to see with His vision. In the reshaping process of our hearts, God burns away the dross and the disillusionment. He creates within us a brand new person. This is not to be taken lightly, nor is it something that doesn’t come without personal sacrifice. Most importantly, all of this, if not centered around a posture of praise will feel cumbersome and laborious to the heart that just wants an easy life.

For the Christian who wants to be made more like Christ, they can rejoice in all circumstances. They can come with a posture of praise to the perfect Father of Heaven. For He does not change with shifting shadows. The rebirth of our hearts is the beginning of His vision being formed within us.

When a man or woman lives with God’s vision inside of them they can be set on fire to be a Kingdom worker for the cause of Christ. This does not come because of their own giftedness, but because of their willingness to be a vessel for the Lord, strengthened and empowered by His mercy as their hearts are re-shaped with His vision.

Jesus, today I choose to praise. I have nothing else I can choose! For you are good and I can trust you. Forgive me when my heart strays from grace because I want to act on my own behalf. Thank you that you love me. Today I long to bask in your love and mercy, in Jesus name, Amen!

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