A Head on Collision

I would attack him while he is weary and weak….(2 Sa 17:2).

When I was in college I was pinch running in a varsity game. As a sophomore, I wasn’t as big as some of the girls I played against and so on this particular occasion, I had a meeting with the opposing team’s shortstop that proved this to be quite true.
My coach gave me the steal sign. When I was younger, I was pretty quick on the bases and so as soon as the pitcher released the ball I took off towards second base. The throw from the catcher came in but was wide right of the base. Taking the shortstop away from the base and into the baseline as she attempted t to retrieve the deviant throw. In all happened so quickly I didn’t have to time adjust as I came barreling into second base, reading myself to slide in safely.
The shortstop, a good 40 pounds bigger than me and a number of inches taller came into my lane and we crashed like two cars colliding in a head-on collision. She didn’t budge even one inch. It was as if a fly had landed on her and her body didn’t even feel the weight of our collision. I however immediately and quickly dropped to the ground as if I had collided with King Kong. Imagine a pinball shooting to the ground, that was me and she stands her ground as if nothing had even happened. Thankfully the throw was so bad that it carried off into right field and I was able to dust myself off, stand up to my feet and safely make it to second base.
My college softball team coined me with the nickname, “Dougie,” and so in unison, after watching this catastrophic collision my teammates and coaches yell out, “Dougie, are you ok?” I did the only thing I could think to do at that moment, I did a double arm bicep flex to communicate to them that even though I had been knocked down, I got back up. Even though I had been hit badly, I was choosing strength over pain and victory over crying by being hit by a dump truck of durability.
Of course, the entire bench of players lets out a boisterous laugh in response to my double arm flex. Let’s be honest, I had been knocked down badly. It was obvious who was the stronger one in the collision. It wasn’t me, but to me, getting knocked down wasn’t the end of the story. It was just the beginning because I got back up and made to safely to second base.
Many of us have been knocked down badly. The enemy comes with brute force up against the areas where we are weakest and most prone to falling into sin. The question doesn’t become, how badly have we been hit, but have we dusted ourselves off and gotten back up again? Do not think for a second that the enemy of your soul, the Devil won’t do everything he can to keep you away from victory and freedom. Whenever we pursue our freedom he comes with much greater force than before.
Yet, we must realize that although his weapons of warfare may seem bigger, our strength comes from the Lord who gives us the gift of perseverance. He gives us the grace to keep moving forward and safely make it to second base, even after we’ve been knocked down badly.
Think about your life, where do you sense God is leading you towards freedom? Be ready for a distraction of the enemy, in the places of your greatest fears. Ready yourself for a head-on collision with your deepest insecurities, but know that in Christ you wear the victor’s crown. Throw up those double bicep’s of God’s strength at the enemy and remind Him that in Christ, you cannot be defeated, in Jesus name! He wants you to return back to the dugout after getting hit, but the word of God compels us to get back up and keep moving forward in faith!
Lord, you are my stronghold. You are my strength, my deliverer and the lifter of my head. You, Lord Jesus, are my joy and victory! In you, I have everything that I need. I love you! Protect me from the fowlers snare and give me the grace to keep moving forward in faith, in Jesus name, Amen!

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