How Great is Our God

Out of the brightness of his presence

bolts of lightning blazed forth…..(2 Sa 22:13).

Have you ever contemplated the thought of God? Have you ever experienced wonder over His greatness? Could it be that we lack the depth of pure worship in our lives because we have never entertained the thought of His power and personhood?
Maybe the thought of God, like for Isaiah, would quickly ruin us. Having seen a vision of God, he was undone and compelled towards repentance. It could be that we need to be ruined too so we can be rebuilt by God. Yet, we cannot be ruined, until we rightly see Him for who He is.
If God seems distant and far away it could be because we have found sufficiency in creating our own kingdom and living as our own god. It is even possible as a Christian to fall into such a place of self-reliance, away from the provision of the Father and into the place of our own control.
Could it be we lack a true understanding of His grandeur because we are too focused on our pain and not the hand of His great provision? Our hearts believe Him to be insufficient because we have not found in Him a great provider. Instead, we complain about our present circumstances, wishing HIs hand was full of all those things we wanted. God is not in the business of being told what to do. He asks for people who would be willing to come with hands empty to receive from His love.
One of the most loving things a parent can do for a child is to not always give them what they want. There is a greater picture we as adults can see. In our great love and protection, we do not always give our children what they desire. God acts in the same ways towards us. Our willingness to let go and follow Him is really dependent upon the condition of our own hearts to accept our present realities, even if they are not the story we would have written for ourselves.
As I was talking with a friend last night I was sharing with her the deep journey God has been taking me on. I shared with her that even though my life has rapidly changed, there is one thing that will never change in my life- Jesus. Can we all just sit on that name for a moment? The love, greatness, power, and perfection that lays in one name is astounding and the thought that I carry His name with me, inside of me, empowered by His love gives me great purpose wherever I find myself. This is who I am. This is what I live for, Yeshua, the Risen Savior.
Praising God in our present circumstances sets us free to live boldly for Him, to see, experience and taste His glory. It sets our hearts ablaze to burn brightly for Him and for His glory, in Jesus name.
Lord, I long to see your greatness. Sometimes, I fill my hands with my own provision, because I am impatient. Lord, I want to be wise, prudent and discerning in all things. I long to sit in the stillness of your presence, away from worry and self-sufficiency. Lord, I want my life to be full of your love. Thank you that I am a Christian on mission for you, in Jesus name.

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