Hiding the Mess

Who can say to him, ‘What are you doing?’….(Job 9:12).

My husband is a master at organizing a room. There have been many times when I have walked into our home only to find that he was once again re-organizing the kitchen or some other room in our home.
My husband’s mind thinks much differently than mine. I look at a room and the thought of organizing it or putting it together makes my brain fall apart. It is a very stressful experience for me. Thankfully, Rodrigo is able to see a bigger picture. In his mind, he can see the end result before the beginning. My mind turns to mush at the thought of organizing a room. I have learned that when Rodrigo springs into action to re-organize the kitchen the best place I can find myself in is by taking a step back, trusting him to do his thing.
God is springing into action too. I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but He is. God is actively working to re-organize the mess of our hearts to make something beautiful. It’s the process that feels awkward and challenging. We see the room, but in our finite thinking, we cannot see the bigger picture or the end result. Our mind and heart turn to mush because we follow the feelings we’re experiencing in the moment instead of trusting the grand designer to make a masterpiece out of our lives.
Could it be that God is re-arranging the furniture, but we have fled from the room because we did not enjoy the process or see the purpose of it? Sometimes when I move a couch I find a bunch of crumbs or dirt. Before I place something new there, I have to grab the vacuum and clean out that spot. DId we ever pause to think that maybe God is working the same process within us? He’s asking us to join Him in the process of cleaning out our hearts. However, many of us would rather grab the couch and shove it back in the place it was before to hide the mess.
I believe that God is actively working to make us new so that our hearts might find more space for deeper relationships. I believe as we grow in relationships we gravitate further away from sin. Why? Because selfishness in our hearts starts to die. The more I open my heart to others, the more I am freely moving towards grace; away from the idol of my own selfish heart. The more I open my life to God and to others, the more I’ll find a multitude of people coming alongside me to help me clean up the mess.
When I take the couch and shove it back where it’s always been I stall my own personal growth and hurt the relationships around me that I wish to grow the most. Until we deal rightly with our pain, trusting God with the process, we will find ourselves in a stall. Our own personal growth and capacity for relationships stalls at the doorway of just not wanting to go there. We can trust the master designer, for He sees the big picture and knows the end result. Will you trust Him today?
Lord, I long to trust you! I long to say, you are my portion! I know that you’re making something beautiful out of my life. Thank you for bringing out the junk. Thank you for your love. Lord, you know I don’t always like the process. It is because I lack the faith to see you. You’re making me new though! Thank you! I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen!

One thought on “Hiding the Mess

  1. Great post! My wife chides me often that I never throw anything away. I do, but it’s hard, though not in a traditional way. I don’t really want to hold onto things and have no issue tossing them. EXCEPT … like cleaning a room, I hate the process of having to go through a pile of things in order to decide what to throw away. The clean-up process is burdensome, but necessary. Glory to God!


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