The Weight of Bitterness

Another dies in bitterness of soul,….(Job 21:25)
Bitterness has a way of destroying one’s soul from the inside out. There are many walking dead people whose souls have died the death of bitterness. Their hearts are not free to love God and others, because their spirit is controlled by the burden of bitterness they still carry with them.
Whenever we believe something wrong about God, our faith starts to die. This is a dangerous place to be. When our faith begins to die within us our heart begins to follow the waywardness of our idolatrous thinking. When we cannot surrender our hurts, disappointments, and pains to the Lord Jesus we have positioned ourselves to become our own puny god. Bent on saving and reconciling our situations through vengeance.
Personal vengeance within the soul is really cowardice wrapped in disguise. Not dealing properly with our painful circumstances, seeking restoration and forgiveness only exacerbates the problem. The longer we carry our pain with us the more we become burdened down by its weight. Whenever we rise to go and be who God has made us to our burden becomes our stumbling block. Its weight becomes the wearing down of our souls. We cannot freely love God and others with such bitterness of the soul.
I have met bitter people. They are not happy people. They do not know how to love others well, because they are bent on holding onto vengeance for themselves. Until we release our own desires to be in control and entrust our situations to Almighty God, the load will weigh us down to the grave. As our hearts lie dead in the grave over bitterness, our souls become trapped in places of anger and resentment.
Have you ever wanted something bad to happen in someone else’s life? Wrongfully, I have. I have desired to play the role of my own personal god. I have believed my idea of immediate vengeance was better than entrusting my situation to Almighty God.
How can we be free from the bitterness of the soul? We must first let God clean us out. We must confess to Him that we have wrongfully carried sin within our hearts for far too long. Then, we must seek reconciliation. We should go to the person. Sometimes, it’s not wise to go to the person. Instead, we must release them to God. We must speak blessing over their lives. We must go on with our lives knowing and understanding that God is good. Until we speak blessing over their lives we will only think of them in light of the anger we have held within our hearts over them. Entrusting them to God and allowing Him to be judge sets us free from the burden of bitterness.
Trust me, God will not let your situation go without consequence if you were wronged in some way. He is far too righteous for that. Do not believe that if you let go and speak blessing that you are dismissing the wrong done to you, but instead, rejoice in knowing that God is in control. Think about it for a moment, what kind of justice are you seeking anyways? Is it to make you feel better or is it for the glory of God? Release your demands to see justice and trust God. Rejoice that you can live freely knowing that God has a plan and it is a perfect one. He is working out your life for His great glory, believe that and trust Him, in Jesus name.
Lord, I long to see you in the land of the living. I long to walk in freedom. I never want bitterness to be my banner. I do not want to carry its weight with me. I want to walk in pure freedom. I want to follow you with reckless abandon. If there is bitterness in my heart towards anyone would you please show me? Thank you that you are master and that you are in control. I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen!

2 thoughts on “The Weight of Bitterness

  1. I’ve heard musical renditions of the Lord’s Prayer sing out “forgive us our sins” but leave out the all-important next line, “as we forgive those who sin against us.” If we don’t forgive, we cannot let go of the hurt and the hurt certainly dwells in our hearts as bitterness. You are absolutely right, Heather. We need to trust God. We can only do so if we act as we pray … forgive.


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