Be Silent: Waiting on God

“be silent, and I will teach you wisdom.”…. (Job 33:33)

Has your mouth ever gotten you in trouble? Mine has. Have you ever said words that you wish you could erase or undo? I have. Have you ever spoken out of fear, insecurity, anger or pride? I have.
I’m not someone who likes to wait. In fact, to my own admission, I am someone that often finds themselves in a hurry. I run from one thing to the next, sometimes not finishing well the task I just darted from. Practicing stillness and silence is something I have to really discipline myself to do. Whenever I am in a hurry the words of my mouth often fly out like arrows from a quiver. They end up hurting people because my heart is not at rest in the Lord Jesus.
There’s something about a heart at rest that we do not understand as Christians. It all starts with a lie that creeps in. Before we know it, it is controlling our thoughts and emotions. Once we have allowed the thought to become our comfort, it steals our hope and belief in Almighty God. To soothe our present worry we think of ways to fix our dilemma. What normally follows is diarrhea of the mouth. Along the way, we only hurt people with our words spoken in fear, insecurity, and pride. We have lacked the ability to remain silent because our worries have become our god.
I’ll be honest, sometimes in my mind, my faith starts to die because I just don’t believe. My mind runs rampant thinking of all the ways it makes sense for my present situation to be absolved. I do not like waiting. I want things to be fixed right away. However, God is teaching me that there is something about the process of waiting that is good for my soul.
Years ago I asked Him for wisdom. I believe what He is showing me now is that wisdom comes in the moments where we are laying silent before Him, sacrificing our dreams and desires to care for another person. Wisdom doesn’t come when we’re king of the show and are busy doing great things for God. This is where pride begins to puff up. Wisdom comes in the stillness of rest. I think there’s a problem we all face if we are thrust into a season of rest. What we really believe about Almighty God and His promises comes into a true reality check. Will I really believe that God is in control, working all things for His glory? Will I say yes to Gods no and trust Him in the waiting? Whatever peace I have with God comes only in the wisdom of waiting. There is no peace in the busyness of doing more, being more and striving more.
God is pressing me into a place of waiting and it is for my good. He’s showing me that life is not about what we do for Him, but who we become in Him. Who we become is often defined by what we do and how we respond when God gives us a no when we desperately wanted a yes. There is a definition of waiting that I am experiencing with God that I never have before. There is a dream that I am dying to, for the betterment of my own heart and for those around me. Whenever we give God a dream to exalt another person He is able to reshape it and our hearts in a pure way so that when the time is right, He can give us back the gift when we are ready for it.
Rejoice that God is teaching you. Sit with Him in the wisdom of waiting. Be patient; this season, it’s for your good. Don’t feel the need to run ahead of Him or take matters into your own hands. Rejoice in the Lord always. He has not forgotten you. He is growing you into His likeness. Submit yourself to His hands. Rest in His love for you, in Jesus name.
Lord, I am not good at waiting, but I want to grow. Thank you that in seasons of waiting you’re growing me like a spreading tree. Thank you that my heart is learning trust. Thank you that I’m learning how to not be my own God. Lord, I still struggle, you know this, but your grace meets me. Thank you for loving me, in Jesus name, Amen!

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