WWE Wrestlers and a Vision of God

but now my eyes have seen you…..(Job 42:5).

Years ago when I was working as a personal trainer, our gym had a contract with the local entertainment venue. If someone was in for a concert, sporting event or other event being held at the center they could come and workout at our gym for free. Therefore, celebrities would come to our gym often before their big show that evening.
One day, WWE was in town (the pro wrestlers). Now, I had heard about these men and women. I knew they were big people, but when I was within a few feet of them it was a completely different experience. They were MASSIVE people. I felt extremely tiny, like a grasshopper in a field about to be eaten alive to feed their gigantic biceps.
Job has a similar experience. He only hears of God, but when He has an encounter with Him He is brought to a whole new level of reverence for the Almighty. Until we have a vision of God we’re sure to see Him as insufficient. Until we have a true experience with the living God we’ll be quick to equate Him to human limitations.
What we need more in our lives is not for God to answer us at our every whim and wave the magic wand to fix our situations. We need a true vision of Him. We need an encounter with Him. We need a fresh perspective that can only be found from seeking God’s face.
Sometimes what we need in life is not to be lifted up, but to be ruined. In the ruining we find humility. In our humbling, we grow into new and different people. What we should ask God for is not more of His intervention in our lives to fix our problems, but instead, for a greater vision of Him so that our hearts might be remade.
For a plant to be reborn it first has to die, then new fruit springs up. As we seek the face of God and a fresh encounter with Him new fruit awaits on the other side of seeking His face. Ask for the vision and the fruit will come. Ask for only His intervention and see very little change in your life and heart. Intervention seekers really just want God at their own convenience. Vision seekers want God- period.
Oh Lord, I long to see your face! I long to see such a vision of you that my heart would be wrecked, ruined and remade for your glory. Lord, I want an encounter with you! I am nothing without you. Jesus, be my joy! Be the very breathe in my lungs! I love you! In Jesus name, Amen!

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