If You Want To Be Great…

And so Job died, an old man and full of years…. (Job 42:17).

Do the years of your life ever feel long? As if your pain and anguish might never end? Sometimes the thought of the years of our life coming to end feel more inviting than the thought of persevering through any pain we may be experiencing. If those thoughts ever streak across your mind, that’s the devil. Your destruction is his purpose and your defeat is his joy. There is nothing more he would like to do than to get Christian’s to focus on their pain so much that they forget their purpose in life. God’s purpose is that we may rejoice in all circumstances and live with a heart and mind set on His kingdom purposes.

The increasing of God’s kingdom will always be advancing. The question is, will we learn to trust the captain of the ship with the journey He is taking us on or will we abandon ship before we make it shore? Some of us live in a perpetual state of martyrdom. We live with a woe is me attitude, hoping that others will join us in our complaining. Instead of kingdom workers, we become kingdom crashers. We allow the mess of our hearts to crash all over the kingdom work God wants for us to do.

We cannot let go of fear, so we stay stuck. We cannot seem to truly forgive and so we hold onto unforgiveness, unable to move forward with the grace of God. Our pride becomes our greatest and highest priority and so we use people to get what we want. We become our highest gain and our own personal comfort becomes what we value and treasure higher than anything. The Kingdom of God is not something we can relate to because when we try to relate to it our idols get stuck with us as we attempt to walk into the purpose of God’s Kingdom work.

We have to check our fears, pride and bitterness at the doorway, repent of those things and let them die at the doorway of freedom. When freedom fills our hearts, the grace of God meets us for the purpose of propelling us towards God’s vision.

Jesus is taking me on a journey. I hear him saying, “Heather, if you want to be great, you must become servant of all.” I am learning that true kingdom work is faithfulness lived out with humility. True kingdom work is not displaying yourself for others to see, it is being faithful to God when and only when He has asked you to speak or act. It is doing the tasks that seem above you, putting your hand to the plow in the places that in your mind are above your education or training. It is submitting your pride to the person of Jesus so that His name, not your own, might be lifted high.


Jesus is taking me on a journey, through Jerusalem, His city. The place of freedom, rest and grace. He’s leading me to Golgotha, the place of death, but then His grace Is leading me to the tomb, the place of new life and resurrection. It is a true dichotomy that life was found in the tomb, but this is what God is teaching me. As I die, He is birthing something brand new in me. It is a heart that is content and happy in His love for me. It is the place where His love surrounds me and His joy springs up in my heart as I rejoice in being His beloved daughter.

Lord, the devil is a liar. He comes only to kill, steal and destroy us. Let us not live holding fast to his lies. We want to walk in freedom! Lord, show me where there is sin in my heart that is keeping me from trusting you. Show me where I have traded in kingdom work for my own personal pride and comforts. I want to live with your vision. In Jesus name, Amen!

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