A Gift so Great You Wouldn’t Believe It

Come,” he replied, “and you will see.” (John 1:39)

When I was a child my mother used to have that one last Christmas gift for all of us. It was her favorite part about Christmas. We’d get through all of our gifts and then my mom, with a tiny smirk on her face would say something like, “well…I guess that’s it.” We all knew better. Each year my mom and dad would hide an extra gift somewhere around the house. Mom would hand us a special note to direct us to the hidden present somewhere in the home. Then, with joy and excitement, we’d dash through the house to find that one last gift. It was always the best gift too.
I think our Heavenly Father is a lot like my mom. He longs to give good gifts to His children and fill their hearts with great joy and excitement. He longs for us to be so filled with delight that whatever we receive from His hand would be received with so much joy we couldn’t hardly contain it.
As Jesus is speaking with two men who asked Him where He was staying He said to them, “Come, and you will see.” There’s the gift of God’s love that Jesus wants to shower on us if we would go with Him. Sometimes Jesus asks us to walk with Him into the garden tomb, the place of new life and rebirth. Other times He asks us to walk with Him to the synagogue, the place of deeper fellowship with Him. Then, there are times when Jesus asks us to come with Him to Golgotha, to the place of our own personal deaths. I don’t always like going to Golgotha with Jesus. I’d much rather stand with Him on the mountaintop of transfiguration, but there’s something about the journey there that is necessary for my heart to truly be made more like His.
When I was getting my master’s degree it was hard. I spent many hours studying, reading and writing. I knew I had a goal in mind though. Even though it was hard, I lived for the reward that was coming. Knowing graduation day was around the corner helped me stay on task and kept my eyes fixed on the goal I had of finishing my degree. I lived for the day that they would call my name and hand me my diploma. Every hour spent, every evening given over to homework was for the purpose of receiving the gift. Graduation day was truly a momentous day for me. It was the day where they called my name. It was the day that I received the gift I had been working towards.
The journey of following Jesus can be hard and difficult. There will be many days, nights and hours spent wondering if the investment is really worth. We might be asking ourselves, “is this really it?”
Why is it worth it? Because there is something so great coming you wouldn’t believe it. It’s because God has a gift for you to receive every day if you would be willing to open your hand to receive His love. The greatest gift He’ll give you isn’t more money, a bigger home, a better job or a different life. Indeed, the greatest gift you’ll receive will be on the day you see Him face to face. The day when He calls your name. The day when He welcomes you into His home. The day when Jesus says, “this one is mine.”
Lord, what a day that will be when you call me by name. Oh, how I long for the day to see you face to face! Today I receive your love knowing that is a great gift for me! May I extend that love to others. Please use my life to do that. Use my life to share the gift of your grace with as many people as I see, in Jesus name, Amen!

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