Do You Want to Get Well?

“Do you want to get well?”….(John 5:6).

The other day I had the privilege of being interviewed on Moody radio for the new devotional book I just released. I shared how God has brought major breakthroughs in my life over fear over the past few months. However, if I could be quite honest, I still wrestle with some aspects of fear nearly every day. As much as I want to walk in freedom, I also wrestle with the desire to be in control. I wrestle with the desires within my heart to give way to fear and find myself in their entrapments instead of being fully alive in the person of Jesus. Fear is an issue I have to consciously be aware of in my life so that I can die to it and find freedom in Christ.
Can we all just have a really honest moment with each other? There is a story being written in our hearts and God is trying to erase the false messages we’ve written on them from long ago. Some messages are so deeply embedded that they aren’t going to break overnight. However, as we pursue our freedom, God brings us one step closer to victory. We all have a message written on our hearts. We don’t need to live in shame over that or hide it underneath a mask, but instead, we need to be transparent. I have learned in my life that the majority of the time, people already see our issues because we display them in how we live. Hiding them does no good, people already know.
There is a re-working of the heart God is doing. Sometimes, it is a very slow process. The truest victory comes at the hour of admitting we don’t have it all together. Then, in our humility, God can start to write new things in us as we walk forward in faith.
As Jesus approaches a paralyzed man He asks him a simple question, “Do you want to get well?” This man had been paralyzed for many, many years. Yet, Jesus brought instant healing for this man who had been held captive by a physical malady and the man responds by getting up and walking.
Could it be that Jesus meets us each morning to ask us, “Do you want to get well,” offering the grace to free us from our worries and pains, but we question whether or not He’ll pull through? We struggle to step out into the unknown so we stay on our mat in the place we’ve always known because venturing out with God feels too scary. We don’t experience Gods freedom, because we’d rather hold fast to what we’ve always known.
Oh Lord, we want to be free, but sometimes, we’re afraid and we don’t trust you. Lord, may we choose the courage we have in you through the resurrected son of God! Jesus, we need your help to walk in freedom! May we run with you towards grace. Truly, it is what we need for today. Thank you, Father. Set us free by your love, in Jesus name, Amen!

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