How Jesus Viewed Women

So the sisters sent word to Jesus,….(John 11:3).

I love how Jesus constantly elevated the role of women in the gospels. It cannot go without saying that truly, it was one of the centerpieces of His ministry.
He entrusts the gospel message to a Samaritan woman with a bad reputation. She brings it back to her hometown and many believe in Jesus as Messiah. He entrusts the message of the resurrection to women as well. As the women enter the tomb to see that the body is gone, they go rushing to tell the disciples of the good news. I am truly in awe that the greatest message in all the world, the resurrection, was entrusted first to women!
Mary sat at the Lord’s feet (Luke 10:39). To sit at one’s feet means to be their disciple. We see many times throughout the scriptures that there were a number of women who followed in Jesus’ company as He taught the twelve (Luke 8:1-3). In a time where nearly all of the disciples fled during the crucifixion of Jesus, there were many women who did not. (Mark 15:40-41). A woman, in humility, washes Jesus’ feet and wipes them with her hair. All during a time when many religious leaders wanted to pridefully look for ways to discredit Jesus, a woman saw Him for who He was; The King of Israel (Luke 7:44-48).
We see fierce, courageous, deeply devoted women all throughout the gospels. For a woman to think of their role any different in the Kingdom is a true tragedy. Jesus has entrusted His gospel message to both men and women and we as women, are called to spread it to the ends of the earth.
I think if Jesus were here, He would once again, elevate the role of women in our society. He would say to the young woman caught in promiscuity, come, sit at my feet and learn of my love. To the woman who feels as though she has no significance and maybe has a bit of a bad past, to her, He would offer Kingdom work, just as He did the Samaritan woman. You see, women were especially close to Jesus because they were often able to see something about Jesus that other’s weren’t. It is the soft, tender heart of a woman that we need to hear from. To dismiss the wisdom of a woman might very well be keeping you from hearing something from God.
Sadly, there are many church settings that silence the voice of women, when truly, God has put His message into their hearts through the Holy Spirit as well. Yes, use wise biblical interpretation and application, but if the role of woman becomes so oppressive that we cannot allow her to speak of God’s tender love, or to share of what God has done in her life then our Christian settings may very well be missing out on hearing from some aspect or characteristic of God. Truly, it is a voice that her heavenly Father has given her to speak of His love to the world. It is her tenderness that the world needs and it is her heart that reflects the certain characteristics of God that draw the world to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord, it is good to be a woman. Thank you for how you see women. We are not a second-class citizen in the Kingdom. Truly, we have a great role to play and we have been entrusted with your gospel message. Use our lives to speak of your love. Use our tenderness, care, and compassion to be of good cheer to the world for Christ. Let your Kingdom come and use us to do it, in Jesus name, Amen!

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