A Humble Heart, A Painful Season, and God’s Redemption

“I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”…..(Luke 22:34)
Peter’s downfall was not his passion, but his pride. To an outsider, Peter’s passion may have looked like a heart devoted to God, but what happens next reveals the deep humbling that needed to happen in Peter’s heart. The humbling was not God’s anger against Him, but God’s love. It was used of God to prepare Peter to become the man he needed to be a leader in the early church.
Sometimes Jesus takes us through humbling seasons in life. I’ve walked through my own humbling season recently. There’s a message the enemy wants to speak to us there that can throw us off track from the victory God has for us during those times in life. The enemy says, “Get mad! Get bitter! God doesn’t love you! God is mean! Seek revenge! Find someone to blame, and bury your heart away!” Sadly, many of us do. I was tempted to, on many, many occasions. However, I knew that if I allowed the enemy to have his way in my heart I would never experience the fullness of redemption God wanted to produce in me.
I continue to see the fruits of holding fast to Jesus during a dark, difficult and painful season. Results come a lot slower than we would like. Jesus is a healer, but He doesn’t just snap a finger and make all our pain go away. Victory comes as we persevere. It comes when we let go of all those things the enemy wants to use to destroy our faith. Victory is not about using God as a tool to build a better, more successful, less painful life. Victory is found in knowing God. That’s it. The only way to know Him is to walk a similar road that He did. The road of self-sacrificial love and humility. The road of dying to self, for the purpose of being resurrected into a new life.
Something died in me many months ago as I walked away from doing full-time youth ministry for a season. Maybe you’ve been there too where a dream, expectation, or desire died in you as you gave it back to God. Maybe someone physically died in your life or it feels like they have because they’ve cut you off and cut you out and you wonder how in the world this could ever come as a good thing. Yet, there is something so deep about persevering through suffering that if we hold fast, we will see the miracles of God.
I am starting to see the fruits of God’s resurrection in my life. I first saw it in my marriage. Now I’m seeing the power of His redemption over the love in my heart for young people that I handed back to Him many months ago. You see, sometimes God has to reshape something, not because He wants to take it away from us and play some mean game. He wants to do something so beautiful with it we wouldn’t believe it. That’s just the kind of God that He is.
Lord, I believe. You are a mighty God. YOu take our pain and make all things new. You love me. You are the one who is bringing restoration and redemption in my life. I am in awe of your love for me! You are a good and mighty God. Thank you that you are bringing beautiful fruit from something the enemy tried to use to destroy my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

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