What God Taught Me About Marriage After a Day on the Bike

Our God comes and will not be silent;…. (Psalm 50:3).

Yesterday, as I was enjoying an 18-mile ride along the Mississipi river with my husband, the Lord spoke to me. God has a way of speaking into our lives during the most ordinary times if we’re willing to be attentive and listen.
We had a beautiful ride heading out, but as soon as we turned around we were hit with a strong headwind. My husband said, “I’ll lead, you follow close behind me, if you stay within a few feet of me off to the side we’ll support each other and reduce wind resistance. Its called bike drafting, it benefits both of us because you help push me along.
As I positioned myself behind my husband, it was amazing how much doing this truly did lessen wind resistance for both of us. Surprisingly, we were able to keep almost the same speed with the headwind coming back.
The Lord said to me, “Heather, this is what marriage is. Let your husband lead, follow closely behind him, support him, propel him forward with your encouragement, and prayers. Together, you become strengthened and stronger for the journey ahead. You can move forward with vitality through the headwinds of life.”
There was a short period when my husband’s legs grew tired, I asked him if he wanted me to lead for a short while. He said yes, and so I did. After a few minutes in the back, he was ready once again to take the lead.
I think marriage is a lot like my bike ride. As a wife, God positions us in an extremely important role, to respect, encourage, and support our husbands. When he becomes tired and weary we may have to lead for a short while until his strength returns, but we should never do it in a way that says, “You’re not strong enough, let me get in there and show you how it’s done”. It must always be done in a way that says, “I am here to help, as long as you need it until you’re strengthened to lead once more.”
A husband draws on the strength of his wife. Her virtue and respect are like a stronghold of victory to his own heart. My husband is the kind of man who is strong, and capable. He’s very smart and intuitive.
We can both be a little too independent at times. Sometimes, both of us butt heads in the dance, because of our stubborn independence, but when we learn that the dance was created to strengthen both of our lives we start to live with a synergy that leads us both towards victory.
Be encouraged, if you are married, or desire to be married someday that God gives. you strength for each other for the journey. Sometimes we think the strength God gives us is for our own hearts to stay in the journey of marriage, but that strength is meant to be shared with the other, to encourage, support and propels them forward in their journey with God, which ultimately blesses your journey too.
Lord, propel us forward. Use us to support and encourage one another in this journey of life. Burn within our hearts a desire to live to support the other. God, remove any selfishness from my own heart in marriage. Help me to live as a daily sacrifice, for your great glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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