Nearsighted and Blind

But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind….(2 Peter 1:9).

When I’m at work, sometimes, the only thing I can see is right in front of me. Instead of the people surrounding me. Mostly, because I forget that my purpose at work isn’t about food, it’s about people. However, if I could be quite honest, food has always been a bit of an issue of mine. From the time I was a young teenager, the thought of it stole my attention and affection.
We all have vices and things we turn to that keep us from resting out thoughts on caring for people. They are distractions sent to destroy our witness for Christ. They are vices set up to make us ineffective for our Lord. I’ve got them, you’ve got them, so what do we do?
We keep our eyes set on things above. We live transparent lives and be honest about the fact that we really just don’t have life altogether. We never fully will, but we have within our grasp the power of God to overcome sin and impure thoughts. We don’t have to stay stuck in defeat, because we have the victory through the resurrection power of Jesus.
I often have to pause, submit my selfish thoughts, whether they’re about food, exercise or just purely about what’s best for me and say, “Heather, think about people.” That’s a hard one for me, because at the end of the day, my favorite person, based on who I think about the most, is myself. It’s sad but true. This is something I’m working on with Jesus.
As love grows within our hearts in increasing measure the idol of self-starts to die. Those vices of our past will always try to rear their ugly heads, but I do believe that we can be free from them as we daily submit our sins to the Father. I have noticed a change in my own heart as I have confessed them daily before God, asking Him to change my heart over idols like food and exercise.
What keeps you from seeing and loving people? What can you submit to the Father today as you grow to be more like Him? Don’t fear transparency, embrace it. That’s where you find freedom, in Jesus name.
Lord, I submit my heart to you today. I pray that I would see people today, not just myself. I submit my idols to you and I ask to live in victory over them through the resurrection power of Jesus, Amen.

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