I Will Share Your Burden

They tie up heavy, burdensome loads and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. (Matthew 23:4)

We all carry different weights with us in life; fear, shame, worry, anxiety, anger, disappointment, despair, hopelessness, and regret, They manifest themselves in different ways and in different seasons, They press down on us with the purpose of crushing our faith and our belief in Almighty God.
Knowing this, we must join with God in lifting the burdens of others. If I hear someones story and my first response is to fix them or cover their heart in shame I have neglected to care for them in a way that lifts burdens from their hearts and sets them free from the condemnation that already sings daily over their hearts.
If I entrust my heart to you, it means that you have shown yourself to be a safe place. A place to share my worries, concerns, and disappointments without being scolded, shamed or tied down with even greater burdens.
Many of us walk around chained to our burdens when Jesus wants to robe us in righteousness. Our role as Christians is to help one another experience that robing. To lift people up, to help them find freedom from the burdens they carry on their heart.
Sometimes this means we say nothing. Instead, we just sit, being present with them to be the healing balm of God’s love to their wounded heart. Other times, it means we speak with a Christ-like perspective that never shames the individual, but speaks towards their victory and freedom in Christ.
When Jesus invades a persons heart and mind its because they have allowed Him to robe them in righteousness. Protecting our hearts, covering them in chains, hoping no one will get in only stalls our growth in Christ. It keeps us from experiencing the fullness of our oneness with Him.
Think about how you treat people today. Ask yourself, “Do I lift burdens or only weigh people down into the grave?” Ask God to show you where you have fallen short. Ask Him to cover your heart and mind with grace for others. The same kind of grace that He extends to a broken sinner like you and me.
Lord, I want to be the lift burdens, not weigh people down even further. Lord, forgive me. I have often neglected to care for people because I just want to fix them. Lord, give me the grace to be your healing balm to the world. I want to be the sweet aroma of Christ to everyone I meet, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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