What Today’s Generation Needs

You are the God who sees me….(Gen 16:13).
I believe teenagers today are asking a simple question, “Does anyone truly see me?” They live their lives behind a screen, constantly connected through social media platforms. They are always seen on a page, but rarely known as a person.
It’s no surprise that things like depression and loneliness are on the rise. With no place for real connection and life-giving conversation teenagers are hungry to be seen by someone, just anyone who can say, “I see you, all of you, and you are deeply loved.”
The church must become that place. The place that says, “God sees you. He sees your pain, hurt, insecurity and disappointment and He loves you.” As we interact with teenagers, we must embrace them as full members of the body of Christ allowing them to be fully seen, loved and embraced with genuine care and concern for the cause of Christ.
As a teenager, I remember feeling so alone and afraid to share my insecurities, pain and hurt. If there is one thing that adults can do to help teenagers who feel lost and alone it is to simply say, “I see you and I am here for you.”
Until we reach the point of letting go of our idea of what church is supposed to look like and get into the messiness of people’s lives we’ll never truly see the body of Christ living, breathing and operating as one unit. If teenagers are left behind, placed in their own silo of ministry programming the church will never be inspired, uplifted and energized by young people. After all, Jesus used young people to change the world. We should go and do likewise.
Jesus, help us to see the hurting. Use our lives to invest in the generations under us. God, help me to see hurting people today, to be your love for their wounds and your hope to their soul. Jesus, thank you. Thank you for lifting my life from the pit. Now, go and use my life to do the same, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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