Jesus Doesn’t Need Another Superstar

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power…. (1 Corinthians 2:4).

Yesterday, as I was speaking with the students at Cornerstone Baptist Church and the students at Chillicothe Christian Church I said to them, “One of the greatest purposes of our lives is to put God on display. Sadly, the person we love to display the most is usually ourselves.”
During Sunday school I laid out a table full of things we find joy and satisfaction in apart from the Lord. Things that we look to for our identity and value. Things we use to draw attention and praise to ourselves.
We love being an influential person, for the purpose of puffing up our own ego. We want people to see us and praise us as someone special. We pick up a football, microphone or whatever else we can get our hands on not as a tool to display God’s power but to set ourselves up as a superstar in the eyes of others.
Jesus doesn’t need superstars. He needs willing vessels. God has given us all gifts. All of them have been given to us for the purpose of putting His power on display. What many Christians are missing is not gifts from God, but a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. The Spirit pours out His power on willing vessels who humble themselves to make Christ known through their gifts.
I picked up a basketball from the table, threw it at a student I knew was a basketball player and said, “God made you a basketball player not for the purpose of making you great, but for the purpose of using basketball in your life to make Christ known.” We are quick to worship people, the created things God has made and not the creator who made them. Sports and movie stars, fashion icons and singers all hold too much worth in our eyes because we too, in the foolishness of our flesh want to be a powerful person, with a crowd of people shouting our name.
When an empty vessel comes ready before God, amazing things happen as the Spirit of God pours itself out into a person whose heart simply wants people to see Christ in them.
Lord, I want to be used as an empty vessel. Whenever I use my gifts for you, I want people to say, “That is not Heather. That is the power of God being put on display.” Lord, let my life be a living testimony to you. I want o make you known, not my own name, for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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