Hold Fast, A New Season of Fruitfulness is Coming

And we boast in the hope of the glory of God…(Romans 5:2).

Last night as I was speaking to the students at SOLID youth group it felt like God pulled a plug off my mouth and for the first time in months I sensed such a strong demonstration of the Spirit’s power that I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the grace of God.
This season I have been walking through in life has been far from easy, in fact, it has been extremely painful. Yet, I am seeing the fruit of holding fast to the Lord Jesus through suffering. I now see the grace of God being displayed in my life in ways I have not experienced. It is a demonstration of the Spirit’s power that for many months was silenced so that God could go somewhere in my heart to bring healing.
Sometimes we walk through seasons in life when we are not shining for God, because we need to be refined for Him instead. These are by no means wasted seasons, they are seasons to know and experience the love of God, so that at the proper time, God might release us into new lengths of ministry. The season of hardship is not for our ruining, but for our renovation.
Fear was a deeply embedded issue in my life. I have seen God uproot it. Truly, it is remarkable. I sense a difference in my thinking. I am more confident in who I am in Christ because I am no longer being led by fear.
Whatever the enemy has set up in your life to use against you, let God have it. God can take the most broken, messy moments of our lives and restore them to fullness for the praise of His glory. There is a purpose in our pain, it just takes time to see the fruit of holding fast to Jesus through it.
Rejoice dear friend that God is truly working in your situation. Don’t fear, don’t believe the lies, just hold fast to your Lord. Believe with all hope that He is a mighty God who takes our brokenness and through it, brings blessing. The refiner’s fire is for our good. It burns away the deeply embedded lies so that we live as people with deeply embedded hope.
Abba, daddy, you love me. You always have. You are making me new. I may not have all I want, but I have you in greater measure. Truly, that is enough. If I never get the things that I want, I have you. Thank you for your redeeming, restorative love. Father, may my heart be fully alive now in your goodness. I will forever praise you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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