A Life That Grows Around a Table, Not a Platform

God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ …(Luke 18:13).

I have sat in the temple courts of my own heart with vain, pithy attempts to showcase my own self-righteousness before God and man. Truly, I have been so foolish to believe that I am somehow above the rest.
It is truly remarkable that God takes lost sinners and in His grace, makes them brand new people. Truth is, we will never grow in our newness in Christ if the mirror keeps telling us we’re fine. If the reflection we are comparing ourselves too is the other person down the street, we will always find someone else we are better than. Yet, if we place Christ in the mirror as the reflection we are seeking to be like, then there is much work to do in our hearts. There are fears, pride, and insecurity that we must deal with because truly, we cannot shine His light if the only thing we reflect is our own vanity and self-righteousness.
People see through us and when all we give them is a puffed up ego and a perfect life they feel no need to come and share their burdens with us. After all, there is no room for them on our platform. We’d much rather not be bothered by them, because they weigh us down on our way to the top.
Jesus had no platform, instead, He had a table. A table for others to come and join with Him in fellowship. No matter what their background or status, they were invited to come in their current state and enjoy fellowship with Him.
If the table of my life is empty, it’s most likely because my pursuit of a platform has gotten too big. There’s no time to enter into the lives of people because the pursuit of something “bigger” keeps getting in the way.
There is great feasting and joy at the table of God’s mercy. Truly, we need it more than anything we can pursue. As Christians, until we slow down and sit at the Master’s table, enjoying true communion with Him, we will never find rest for our souls wearied by the pursuit of our own vanity. We will never experience the joy of simply sitting at His table, because we have believed that our worth is tied up in what we accomplish for Him on the platform, instead of who we become at the table.
Lord, I want to grow in you. I want to invite others into your grace. Please Lord, may my heart find more room for people at the table. I am tempted to pursue a platform, but I know that the best thing I can pursue is to simply be your child. I long to sit at your table and be refreshed by you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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