When Others Do Not, The LORD Will Receive Me

the LORD will receive me….(Psalm 27:10).

People and circumstances in life will sorely disappoint us. It is inevitable that we will be let down by friends, family, co-workers, and others who enter into our lives. Sadly, it is part of the human experience. Some of it stems from our own insecurities that play into our relationships, while other instances come from someone else’s brokenness.

I am learning that no human relationship can ever offer me what God can. A woman who finds all her worth in her children will one day be left devastated when they want little to do with her. The man who finds all his worth in his successes and the opinion of the people at his work will be left in disarray when he gets bypassed for the promotion.

In all of life, there is one place I can go where I know I will be received. It is into the arms of the Lord Jesus. It’s there, in my own brokenness that I can receive His unending love. It’s in His strength that I can lay my head, knowing that I don’t have to be defined by my disappointments in people or circumstances. In His arms, I come to a deeper revelation about life as I see the brokenness of people around me. In their brokenness, they do and say things that are unhealthy because they themselves have not gone into the arms of the Lord. It’s there, in His arms where our hearts are stilled and our lives made new.


I cannot, nor will I ever be a very good human being who cares for people if I do not let myself be received by the Lord. As I am received my heart is stilled and the opinions of people, the unfair circumstances all start to fade away, because of His love that dances over me. I still want justice, but I lay it in His hands because I know He is a good, loving Father who loves to redeem that which the enemy tried to use against me.

Lord, life will disappoint me, people, circumstances and everything in between, but you are trustworthy and good. I lay my head down today in your embrace, knowing that you still my heart. You are so good to me and I can trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “When Others Do Not, The LORD Will Receive Me

  1. Heather — There is a blogger who nominated me for an award. Someone might have nominated you already. It’s the “Sunshine Bloggers Award.” I had never heard of it before today. Nevertheless, I sent along your information for him to consider. You do an amazing job of crafting a God-honoring message out of verse fragments. I never thought of doing that! So, I really enjoy your work. I’ve shared it with men who can be helped by it. He said he’ll check out your site. Stay faithful! God bless you. Ward

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  2. I’m not familiar with it, either. I think it is partly designed to build community among bloggers (which is a good idea) and to recognize achievement. Since I wrote to you, I realize that I am the one who will nominate you, which is my pleasure. I am very new to this business. I have sent your work to others (men) that I’m mentoring. I’ll let you know more soon, hopefully tomorrow.


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