You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

and presented her to them alive…(Acts 9:41).

As I reflect on this past year of my life, there were many, many things that died within my heart and soul. There are still, to this day, things that continue to die. However, what I’m finding is that these deaths have not been for my destruction, but for my good.
Paul was given word that a woman named Tabitha had passed away. Yet, death did not have the final word on her. By God’s grace, Tabitha was resurrected. I hear the Lord saying to me, “Heather, live not in the pain of your death, but instead, live in the fruit of your resurrection.”
There’s this new woman that has come forth from somewhere deep within me. She is a woman fully alive in the Lord Jesus. Truly, the Lord is presenting me, not as a dead woman, but as one who has been resurrected by love.
As I was talking with my husband yesterday about the reality of my recent past and the pain of it I said to him, “As painful and terrible as this time has been I am thankful, because, through it, I am a new and different woman. There’s something about Jesus’ love that I have tasted and experienced that I have never known before. For that, I am grateful because even though life has been without a doubt excruciatingly painful at times, I know Jesus in a way that I have never known Him before. I understand, maybe for the first time that my true identity is simply in being a child of God. I have learned the value of being content. I have been set free from things like fear, and control that I was once a slave to. Even in losing so much, I have gained so much more. I have gained Christ and His love. I have gained the joy of knowing Him, experiencing Him and being found in Him.
Maybe life feels too painful to keep moving forward. Maybe you’re not supposed to move forward just yet, maybe you’re just supposed to sit still and let God shower you with His love. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to press forward through pain and just try to tough it out. This will never work, our pain simply buries itself and creates a wall of resistance between us and God. Do not allow the enemy to keep having his way in your heart. Submit to God and let His love wash over you. I’m living in and waiting for my blessing because I believe, with all hope, in a God of redemption. I am seeing and experiencing the fruit of letting go.
Lord, life is painful. Yet, it is not for our destruction. It can be used for our good. You can use it to make us new people. I know this to be true because you and I are living in the fruit of it. Jesus, thank you for showing yourself good to me. You never disappoint. Abba, daddy, I trust you. You have my heart and you WILL restore what the locusts have eaten, I believe it, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

  1. Yes I lost my grandson , 4 years old to brain cancer. So many people prayed, to no avail, I had a time of not ever wanting to pray again for anyone. It really did something to my faith. It took me quite a while to start praying again I believe, that god does want to heal everyone , but for some reason he says no maybe because he sees that child’s future, perhaps he would not serve God , or have his life in some terrible sin and not repent of it . I think now, he took him in his young age, while he was young and could be directly with him. I do know God does know what he’s doing, because he is God.

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