The Seductress, The Darkness of the Heart and the Light of Christ

at the time of night and darkness…. (Proverbs 7:9).

I hate walking around in the dark, but if I could be quite honest, sometimes my heart finds itself parading around in the blackness of night. There are blind spots in my life, fantasies that I love to entertain and places I am tempted to go keeping me wandering about in the shadows.
I have had moments, in my own foolishness where I have thought, “Well, I don’t need to tell anyone about that…I’m just going to keep moving forward.” Sometimes my heart wants to avoid wise counsel because quite frankly, I just don’t want to hear what they have to say.
The enemy is always trying to cover our hearts with shame, darkness, unbelief, pride, and foolishness. Jesus is the light of the world, it’s His love that penetrates our wayward hearts and leads us back towards the road of redemption.
In Proverbs chapter 7 a young man is led astray, giving into the seducing ways of a wayward woman. Quite honestly though, the issue wasn’t the woman, truly, the issue was his heart. He never should have ventured out into the dark. Quite honestly, we have made up our minds before we give into the seducing ways of sin, because we allow our hearts to wander about in the darkness.
If you want to be free from lying, fear, pride, pornography, sexual immorality, or any form of idolatry you must address the issue of the heart. I find, more often than not, the issue in my heart is not exercise, food or work, but its fear, control, and vanity. Lord, forgive me. Until we go deep, pausing within our hearts to set them into the light of Christ we will continue to go out into the darkness, giving into the ways of the wayward woman and all her seduction.
Lord, I long to be like you, sometimes, I’m just afraid. The old me seeks to destroy my newness in Christ. May I set my heart up today in your light and wisdom. Father, forgive me for my foolish heart. Forgive me for walking out into the dark. Jesus, transform my heart through your love and by your word, I pray, Amen.

One thought on “The Seductress, The Darkness of the Heart and the Light of Christ

  1. Yes Heather so true, sometimes we want to still hang on to a “ little bit of Egypt” to go back to the “ leeks and garlic, “ ( so to speak) , they represent the flesh , to the isrealites. But because , we’re still in the flesh, we want to venture away, “ just a little bit”, but by doing that, breaks fellowship with the lord, and nothing is worth that, not to be able to hear his voice , not to feel his anointing, his closeness, yes, sin breaks fellowship. A little leaven, leaves the whole lump, so we repent immediately , it’s not worth anything to give up our birthright for “ a bowl of stew” like Essau did. We hold on To that for dear life .

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