That Grudge Your Holding is Only Hurting You

First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift…..(Matt 5:24).

Some of us need to go and be reconciled to someone, but we are either too prideful or resistant to do it because of the stubborn hardness of our hearts. Sadly, there are many, even within the body of Christ who has disdain and hatred towards one another. Brothers and sisters, this cannot be. We cannot, in good conscience, as the body of Christ live in opposition to one another. Truly, we must seek to be reconciled, even when are cut deeply by another.
Forgiveness is at the centrality of the heart of God. He asks us to offer the same kind of forgiveness He has shown us, to others. Forgiveness should never be limited to the actions or non-actions of another. It is hard to go before someone and say, “you have hurt me,” but in the end, it will only help both parties grow if the other is willing to receive it with humility. Chances are, you may have hurt them too and be forgiven as well. If they will not receive you, continue to walk in humility and ask the Lord for grace. Truly, it is only the grace of God that can and will carry us onward and upward in life as we seek to bring glory to our Father in all matters of life. Yet, we should always pray in earnest for reconciliation, especially within the body of Christ.
I know its easy to think, but “how could they” or “this isn’t fair that their life gets to go on and mine is like this,” or “how can they not see what they have done is wrong?” I get it, trust me, I understand the thoughts and feelings, yet there is one heart that I have realized as the biggest issues and it is not someone else’s, truly, it is my own. Until we look inside our own selves to examine how we might need to grow we will always find the greatest fault in someone else.
Before you go and offer your gifts in service to God, seek to be reconciled to your brother or sister whom either you have hurt or who have hurt you. We cannot divorce our Christianity from our duty as Christians to forgive our brother or sister. Jesus makes it quite clear that Christians forgive others from their heart. If you cannot forgive, then we must be willing to ask ourselves if we truly belong to Christ at all.
Lord, I want to be like you. If there is anyone whom I have hurt that I need to ask their forgiveness, please reveal that to me. Lord, I want to be a woman who walks in humility. I have been terribly prideful. Forgive me for my foolish actions. Forgive me for my stubborn heart, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “That Grudge Your Holding is Only Hurting You

  1. I totally agree, but there’s instances that we can’t go back and reconcile. There were people that were physically abusive that the lord said not to deal with but pray. They were bent to destroy my home and break up my marriage. I went back and 38 years of harsh abuse thinking I had to be a Christian , only to be abused in greater ways than before. I didn’t just stop I allowed abuse for 38 years thinking I had to reconcile as a Christian, there of course is a place to reconcile , if they are repentive, even Joseph , in the Bible made sure they was of a sorrowful spirit before he let his brothers back in. I think wisdom plays a strong hand in that. I’m afraid I wasent wise for 38 years. Do you fight from having bitterness and anger, yes indeed, but refusing to let it take its toll, casting down bad thoughts and replacing them with good. God bless

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  2. I agree we certainly have to walk in wisdom in cases of abuse. I think reconciliation in those circumstances might not be possible. If the person continues in their abuse than its certainly not possible. They must be repentant. Until they do, there is no actual biblical reconcilation. We must pray for them and for our own hearts not to grow bitter. I’m so sorry for what you had to endure for so long. I know there are many others who have had to live under painful circumstnaces like hta​t too.


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