Let That Attitude That Says, “I Deserve This” Die

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God….(1 Peter 5:6)

I’m not a very humble person. At least, not underneath it all. However, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit I am seeing unhealthy patterns, thoughts and behaviors start to bubble to the surface. Thoughts that really just make life, my situation, what I’m not getting, what I am getting, what I believe I should be getting, all about me.
That’s the worst when we start viewing life from the perspective of what we believe we should be getting. Thus, our next response is only to start treating people poorly or to think badly of them in our own minds, because they aren’t giving us what we believe we so rightly deserve.
At the root of all of this is a stubborn, selfish heart. As I have been processing these feelings of self-willed superiority and pride the Lord has said to me, “Heather, why do you always have to make it about you in this situation?”
At the root of my sin lies an issue in my heart with contentment. An unwillingness to fully embrace and accept the place God has me. Yet, Jesus says, “”If anyone wants to be first, he must be the last of all and the servant of all.”- Mark 9:35
Today, I will die to thoughts that make life all about me. After all, we must remember that Jesus’s ministry didn’t flourish through his nobility, but instead, through His death and resurrection. Jesus became a servant of all. Instead, we want people to become the servant of our needs, wants, desires and dreams, but what if we switched our mentality away from us and start investing in someone else’s dreams and desires. Maybe then we’d see more people living fully alive in how God is made them, instead of seeing so many people demanding their rights, because they, much like me, have made life far too much about them self.
Lord, I want to live for you. Help me in my life to be fully alive in my death so that I don’t keep trying to steal the glory from you in my pride. Today, may I live not with entitlement, but as servant of all, in Jesus name, Amen.

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