Clothed by the Lamb

the lambs will provide you with clothing…. (Pr 27:26).

Have you ever told God what He gave you wasn’t good enough? I have. Have you ever looked at something initially as a blessing, but soon after saw it as a curse from God? Yep, that’s been me too.
During this Christmas season, as I was receiving gifts I even felt this tug in my heart to be discontent in what the gift giver was giving me. I couldn’t believe the selfishness that was filling my heart. Instead of thankfulness, discontentment sought to fill my heart and mind instead.
Sometimes I don’t like what Jesus is giving me, because, at the moment, it’s giving me more pain than I want. Yet, God uses every moment, every circumstance, every word, to shape and form us into new people if we’d be willing to lay it all down at His mercy.
The place where we receive grace for a brand new day and for a brand new heart. Don’t you see, that is the beauty of the lamb. He wishes to robe us in white. To cloth us with HIs grace, but we don’t understand that part of the Christian journey, as we are being transformed is the burning away of the old self. Now that is painful, but trust me, it is very purposeful. Someday, your Father will clothe you in white. Until that day, don’t give up on the journey, but allow the lamb of God, the Lord Jesus, to clothe you with His mercies that are new every morning.
Lord, thank you. You are making me new. I can rejoice in knowing that you are working out great things in my life for an even greater purpose. That purpose is so that I might know you, and be found in your grace. Yes, Lord, let the greatest joy and delight of my heart be Jesus. That I would become like Him and grow to love, honor and serve Him all of my days. Take my life, Abba, daddy, and clothe me with the mercies of the lamb, in Jesus name, Amen.

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