Seen and Not Forgotten

You are the God who sees me….(Genesis 16:13)

Hagar was terribly mistreated by those around her. She was pushed aside and forgotten. It seemed as though God didn’t care, but oh, He did and He shows this to her one day in the wilderness. God speaks to her and reminds her that He does indeed see her. She calls the place where God met with her, Beer-lahai-roi, which means, “well of the Living One seeing me.”
There are days when God reminds me that He does indeed see me. These are days where the living one gives me a drink of His love. A drink from the well of His sustaining grace. A vision from the palm of His hand that reminds me that even though it seems as though others have pushed me aside; He sees me. Sometimes the ones we believed have pushed aside are really just those who are helping to lead us towards our destiny because God’s best is still yet to come.
When I am seen by God, held in the sustaining love of His grace, His vision falls upon my lap as I am held close in His arms, wrapped in His love. God, in His grace, gives me those little glimpses, those sweet reminders that He sees me. He sees my pain. He sees what He has placed in me to do. He sees my dreams and desires to work hard for Him and although it might not look how I expected it to look, I can trust that whatever comes, it is for my good.
There at Beer-lahai-roi, He wraps us in His love. There at Beer-lahai-roi He showers us with grace. He sends down smiles from Heaven from His heart into ours. There, at Beer-lahai-roi, His gentle touch reminds us to not give up, but to keep persevering in faith. Truly, He is the God who sees us.
Lord, you see me. Thank you for sending down smiles from Heaven to remind me that indeed, you do see me. You know my heart. You hold me in your loving embrace. All I have is you. Oh Lord, I just want to praise you. You are so good. Let my life be held in your sustaining love, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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