The Power of One

for the LORD his God was with him and made him exceedingly great…. (2 Chronicles 1:1).

Yesterday, while learning from a true ministry hero I was deeply humbled. This woman has grown youth ministries to thousands, spoken to crowds of people larger than could fill most athletic stadiums, had multiple publications and spoken all over the country. Yet, she has never encouraged us to pursue such things. Instead, she challenged us to invest our lives in one person at a time. Truth is, she practices what she preaches.
She has made it her life’s mission to help teens all around the world find their worth, value and identity in Christ. She says she’s done it through the power of investing in one. That’s right. A woman whose grown ministries to over thousands did it by investing in one. One insecure teenager at a time. Truth is, kids don’t stay because there’s some great preacher on stage. They’ll stay because there’s someone who sees them and cares for them as a person.
The power of investing our lives in one individual can be life-altering for that person. It can help them see, as Jeanne as told us so many times, that they have the wings to fly. The cool thing is, all those little birdies that she’s given encouragement to, are now soaring for Jesus.
The Lord spoke something deep into my heart last night, it was, “Heather, you’re going to do this too.” Not speak to thousands, but to love one insecure teenager at a time. You see, the problem is, I heard another voice as I was praying this morning. A voice saying, “You can’t do this.” “No one will respond.” “You don’t have a heart like that and never well.” “You’ll look stupid even trying.” That’s when I know I’m moving God’s direction. When the voice of shame whispers into my heart trying to convince me what God has said is good is stupid.
God made Solomon great, not because he was seeking it, but because he asked for wisdom. Whenever we ask for the things of God and live them out, God entrusts us with more territory for the Kingdom.
I know I’ve been that person whose sought her own glory. Who desired a stage and thousands, because I thought that’s how I would most effectively minister, but honestly, that was mostly my pride driving that desire. I’m learning that the power of loving one person at a time has much greater benefit and reward in the Kingdom. Be encouraged to go and do likewise. Invest your life in just one, helping them see that they have the wings to soar for Jesus.
Lord, I need you to grow my heart. I need a deeper capacity to love people. Forgive me for how long I desired the stage and not the people in the crowd. My heart was soo foolish, but now I long to be different. Please, Lord, use my life to invest in one insecure teenager at a time for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. It’s interesting how performance mindset is so prevalent in culture today. I find it really hard to shake on a daily basis, “What can I do God, why isn’t everything I’m praying for working, my anointing, my heart, my faith.. etc. ” When it’s only ever been about ” And the Lord was with Him and the Lord made…” Anyway, I’m not a teenager, but I have been enormously blessed by your journeying with God. I know you didn’t ask for comment on your blog but just out of the gratitude of my own heart, you are a blessing sister.

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