Stop Waiting for God’s Big Call and Start Working For the Kingdom

He conscripted 70,000 men as carriers and 80,000 as stonecutters in the hills and 3,600 as foremen over them….(2 Ch 2:2).
Doubt and discouragement came knocking at the door of my heart and mind yesterday. Yet, grace reminded me to stand firm in the promises of God- “He keeps in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in Him.”
I keep hearing this message in my life to bloom where I’m planted. You see, doubt and discouragement want to take me into the future, trying to convince me that some of the deepest desires of my heart will never come to fruition. I am reminded that regardless of these things happening I am to bloom where I’m planted. I’m not sure where doubt and discouragement have tried to steal your joy, but be reminded that you too are to bloom where you’re planted. Despite the fact that you haven’t quite yet gotten what you’ve wanted.
Haven’t gotten the child yet you’ve been so desperate for? Consider acting as a spiritual mother or father to other children within your congregation so you can bloom where you’re planted. I know it’s not the same, I get it, but don’t allow what you don’t have to keep you from experiencing the joy of Christ as you walk in submission to Him. Don’t have the job you want? Don’t worry, or wait for it to happen. Don’t think, “real ministry will happen in my life when I get such and such job or opportunity.” Instead, bloom where you’re planted. Giving praise to God in all seasons. He’s not looking for superheroes with supertitles. He’s looking for faithful men and women of little significance in the world’s eyes to live with boldness and courage for His namesake.
Haven’t seen the healing you’re waiting for, don’t despair of hope or allow the enemy to keep you from fruitfulness during this time, instead, bloom where you’re planted. The other day, I was reminded that even in this time, I am still a Kingdom worker. Those moments when I’m sitting on the plane, serving as a volunteer youth leader and talking with another basketball official are all opportunities for me to bloom where I’m planted, taking advantage of the opportunities before me and not waiting for the ones I want to be put into place.
Be encouraged that you have a great calling from God. A calling to go and change the world. Truly, it happens, not by the big moments we seek, but through the small steps of courage that we take, one day at a time.
Lord, I long to be a Kingdom worker for you. I know that this present season is not wasted, so today, I choose to bloom where I’m planted and give you glory through it. Jesus, use my life, today, in this present season, to be a Kingdom worker for you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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