Desert Seasons….Not Defined By Our Failures

As for you, if you walk before me faithfully as David your father did…. (2 Chronicles 7:17).

DId God forget the life that David led? Did he forget that David was not faithful? Did God somehow wipe out his memory of David’s adultery and plot to murder the husband of the woman he impregnated? Did he forget all of this? Obviously, the answer is no, but why then does God say that David, a murderer, and an adulterer walked before Him faithfully?
It is because God does not define us by our failures. He sees something different in us and He calls it forth. He does not shame us, He loves to shower unending grace upon us.
Recently, the devil has been trying to trap me in this thought that God is looking for ways to punish me, so I had better watch my steps because if I don’t walk perfectly before the Lord, punishment is certainly coming. I find myself swimming in thoughts of self-condemnation. Thoughts that try to convince me that God isn’t all that good, He’s not a good, loving, gracious Father. He’s a God of punishment, therefore, I should watch my steps because if I dare make one wrong move I’ll be sure to continue to wander in the desert for much longer.
Yes, we should be careful to walk in faithfulness before the Lord, but there is freedom in our walk with God. Not to do what we want, but to give ourselves grace.
I don’t know where life meets you today, but having walked a bit of my own desert season I’m ready to be out of it. My thoughts keep going to, I must still be in this desert because of my sin! I must have done something wrong, therefore, I need to try walking perfectly, so I can get out of here.
This is such an oppressive place to be. There’s something about the desert seasons that God wants us to see is good for us. It’s the place where we need not loathe in self-condemnation, but instead, bask in the grace of the Lord who promises to never leave nor forsake us. God is doing something bigger. Something that doesn’t feel good at the moment, but if we’d be willing to walk in humility we can see His hand of mercy there as we wait upon Him.
God has done so much for me in the desert. He’s brought so much healing. He’s done unthinkable things that only He could do. Maybe its because I’ve never liked sitting on the sidelines. I”ve never liked being taken out of the game. Yet, as a dear friend said to me yesterday, “Sometimes we’re trying to be Martha and God wants us to be Mary.” To sit still and sit quietly before Him, so that He can teach us. Yes Lord, teach us, we need your wisdom more than what we think we need.
Lord, you are so good. Forgive us when we stray, but help us to live in your grace. To know and understand that there is, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Yes, Lord, you love to shower grace upon me. You do not define me by my failures. You love to shower grace upon your children. Thank you that you love a sinner like me. That you see not a woman who is constantly failing, but one who desires to walk faithfully before you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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