I Didn’t​ Respond Well When Something Spoke a Hard Truth into My Life

Stop listening to instruction, my son,

and you will stray from the words of knowledge….. (Proverbs 19:27).

Last night I asked some veteran officials to come and critique me. Why? Because I knew I needed their feedback. I understand as a newer official I need the wisdom of those with years of experience in front of me, critiquing me to help me grow.
Without this, I know I’ll be quick to repeat the same patterns in my life. Patterns of wrong behavior, some due to my own ignorance and others due in part to my own blind spots.
Years ago, another person in my life tried to speak a hard truth into it. It was something I wasn’t ready to hear. Quite frankly, it made me angry. I dismissed what they said, even though, looking back, it was true because I was too prideful to accept their words.
For a long time, I feared criticism, because I feared the thought of not being perfect. Truth is until we learn to accept hard truths from others, we will more than likely stay stuck in own sinful patterns. These patterns only hurt the people we love the most. Growth requires humility. The ability to be given honest feedback about our lives so that we can grow and change into different people. People not so selfish, prideful and impulsive. People not so driven by money, anger, and fear.
What I have found in life is that people are not looking for one more individual who has their life all put together, but instead, a person who is willing to admit that they don’t. An individual who accepts correction with humility. There have been moments for me on the court when I’ve received correction and felt the need to defend myself. I have learned that value of keeping my mouth shut and saying, “You’re right, thank you.”
You and I have a journey in front of us. We need wise counsel to help us traverse the journey ahead. Don’t hide from wise people, surround yourself with them. Grow, change and grow some more as you admit that you are not perfect. Trust me, there’s so much freedom in letting go and embracing your own weaknesses. That’s when Christ’s transformative power enters in.
Lord, I am weak, but you are strong. I need the wisdom of others around me who can speak hard truths into my life. Father, I am stubborn, sometimes I struggle with wanting others to think I have it all together. Please forgive me. I want to walk in transparency, for your glory and for my growth as a Christian, in Jesus name, Amen.

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