I’ve Been Hesistant to Ask People to Pray for Me Because I Thought it Meant I Was a Failure

join me in my struggle….(Romans 15:30)

There have been seasons in my life where I have struggled and have neglected to reach out to others for prayer. Mostly, because of my own pride or the voice that tries to convince me that people don’t want to pray for me. Yet, there is so much power in prayer. Praying really does change things. It can change our hearts and give us a new perspective. Prayer brings people together as we fight with God for victory.
Paul asks for prayer in Romans 15. Let’s be honest, Paul had a hard job, and I’m sure he would have faced much opposition. Therefore, he continually asked for prayer. You and I must be humble enough to do the same.
The problem is, sometimes we wear our prayer requests like a shroud of shame. We think that because we are hurting, struggling or afflicted we must wear the banner of guilt and self-condemnation. We convince ourselves that because of this, we cannot ask for prayer because others will look down on us because we’re struggling. Oh, how foolish we have been! All of us are a work in progress. There is no shame in reaching out, in fact, there is victory.
Consider reaching out to someone you trust for prayer. Trust me, they will be blessed by it. I know I am each time someone asks me to pray for them. It gives us an opportunity to go before the throne room of God on behalf of someone else. What a joyous opportunity. Do not neglect giving others the chance to do that for you.
Lord, I recognize my deep need for you. I know that I am stubborn and sometimes I keep my struggles from others and neglect to ask for prayer because I feel like a failure because of them. I release all lies the enemy tries to whisper into my heart and mind and I thank you that you have given us the body of Christ who wants to pray. God helps us all to be transparent before others so that we can better. love, encourage and support one another, in Jesus name, Amen.

One thought on “I’ve Been Hesistant to Ask People to Pray for Me Because I Thought it Meant I Was a Failure

  1. You are so right to show that our failure to ask for prayer is because of our sinful pride. Most people are grateful whenever someone asks if they can pray for them, but it’s our pride that makes it difficult to seek the prayer support. So, just lifted prayer for you, including praise for your testimony.

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