When the Past Tries to Bury You Once More in Pain

 Let your eyes look straight ahead;

fix your gaze directly before you…. (Pr 4:25).

Dealing with painful experiences from our past is difficult, isn’t it? I know, for me, sometimes, too often, I look back in the past only to be met with the pain of the wound that was caused. I am met with questions that I might never get answered and pain that I really just wish I could forget.
This is life though, isn’t it? Learning how to deal with our painful moments, giving them over to the Lordship of Christ so that we do not become defined by them. I hear the Lord saying, “Heather, stop looking back. It’s time to fix your gaze forward and join me in what I’m doing in your life now.”
Maybe you’ve been there too, where something gets triggered and the pain of your past comes rising to the surface once more. The betrayal, rejection, abandonment, abuse, or neglect come knocking once again. This is normal, but we have to stop going back into our past, re-opening the wound. We must let God and only God into the room of our pain, allowing Him to take the deep wounds of our hearts and bring forth His healing.
Lord, I surrender all of my pain to you. What once was does not define me anymore, truly, I am defined by your love. Jesus, please make all things new. Thank you that you are working for my good. I can trust you. You are a mighty, loving God. Today, I walk forward with faith, taking your hand as you lead me away from the past and along the path of redemption, in Jesus name, Amen.

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