It’s Lonely At The Top

Come now, I will test you with pleasure to find out what is good…. (Ecc 2:1).

Solomon soon found out that life was meaningless if pursuing your own personal pleasure is your primary focus. The drive to be successful, make a lot of money and have a name for yourself can create a very lonely environment for the individual pursuing it. I know I’ve operated in this way before and as I attempted to climb one more rung on the ladder I forgot about the people down with me in the real world, neglecting to love and care for them.
God has been taking me on this journey where I have been thrust into a place where I must practice humility. Gross, prideful parts of my heart have been exposed. In these moments, we have two choices to make, cover it up, or let it come out of the darkness and into the light of God’s transformative love.
God doesn’t need one more superstar for Him who’s really just trying to make a name for themselves. He needs servants who would be willing to walk in genuine humility so that others might be lifted up. He needs servants who would be willing to seek and save the lost, not seek and create a platform for their own egos. I’m only saying this, because I know I’ve done it. Lord, forgive us, we want to live lives that put you on display, we pray, in Jesus name.
Father, today I submit myself to you. My hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Thank you that I have everything that I need in you. Thank you that my worth and value are not found in what I do, or one more rung on the ladder to climb. Thank you that my worth, purpose and value is found in your love, in Jesus name, Amen.

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