When Life Feels Impossible….Choose Praise and Watch Your Enemies Fall

Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the LORD and to praise him for the splendor of his holiness… (2 Chron 20:21).

Ever get stuck in a place of unbelief? LIke things are never going to change or you’ll never be able to get out from under something? I”ve been there.
In the place of unbelief, my faith shrinks to the size of my own understanding as I make God out to be puny and powerless. There is very little victory for me there because my understanding is so limited that I cannot even begin to see or understand what God is doing.
The truth is, as Christians, we have already won the battle. The promises of God that we have the mind of Christ, the power of the resurrected son of God living inside of us to overcome sin are ours. Yet, we live as though these promises do not belong to us, but are only for those in the biblical past.
Before King Jehoshaphat went out to fight God told him that He, the LORD, would provide victory for the King and his army. Therefore, as Jehoshaphat and his men were headed out to the battle, on their way, they started singing songs of praise. Even before they stepped onto the battle lines, God started working on their behalf and started defeated their enemies as the men started praising God.
When I look at my own life, there are times when I see very little praise. It’s no wonder that with those days, comes very little victory in my life. God gives victory to those who believe Him for who He says He is. He triumphs over our enemies for us and we will experience more and more victory in our lives when we learn to praise the Lord of hosts.
Praise is simply the outpouring of a heart that trusts in the goodness and sovereignty of God. Praise is what is on the lips of those who are fully convinced that God sits and reigns on His throne. Praise is what makes impossible situations filled with hope. Praise is what our hearts need most when the storm rages. Praise puts our minds at ease and allows us to taste and experience the goodness of God as He ushers in victory in our lives, giving us rest on every side.
Lord, today I will choose praise. Do I have everything I want? No, I do not, but I have everything I need in you. As the storm rages, may my heart to so satisfied in your love that everything I do and say is covered in your grace. Yes Lord, be my source of eternal joy, hope, and peace, I pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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