Sometimes I Just Want to Give Up

And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart….(Luke 18:1).

Sometimes I lose heart. Especially when my prayers aren’t answered right away. The very fact that the ball doesn’t seem to drop in my corner makes me question whether or not I should keep pursuing what I’m am. Then, God’s voice comes to me in different ways to remind me to not give up but to keep pursuing in faith.
I’ve been on this journey where God has thrust me into a season of waiting. He’s asking me to trust Him with the results and to seek Him desperately in prayer. I’m not sure what you’re waiting on God to do, but do not lose heart. The enemy wants us to stop pursuing, stop believing and stop practicing our faith. He wants us to give in and give up. Yet, when we do, we will never experience the fullness of the miracles of God.
Now that God is opening some doors in my life I hear this voice saying, “Yeah, but if you go that way, the exact same thing will happen as it did before. Those people are just like them. Don’t do it, you’re going to get burnt.” Yet, when I submit my fears and anxieties to the Lord I hear Him say, “Trust me and practice faith.” Whenever God starts to open doors, the enemy will convince us through things like fear that we should not walk through. He uses bad experiences from the past to try and control us and keep us from the journey God has for us.
Another issue in my heart is that the doors God is opening, well, if it was me, I wouldn’t have opened those doors. I feel my heart not wanting to fully follow because the opportunity does not afford for me all of my comforts. Then, I hear the Lord’s voice saying, “But, would you be willing to lay that all down in order to follow me?” The answer has been yes. I’m praying that if God continues to work in this way that I would continue to walk forward with true courage, knowing that in His will, I am forever covered by His love.
Lord, I trust you. Silence the voice of the enemy who seeks to destroy my life through unbelief. God, sometimes, I get discouraged and it makes me want to lose heart. Yet, I know that you are the Lord of all things, including my heart. Therefore, I can trust you. Today, I lay my fears and worries in your hands. You are so good and I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Want to Give Up

  1. Same. So much truth and vulnerability here, I feel like most believers go through these thoughts processes. I was just contemplating my own losing heart. I guess the presence of the old voices is disheartening to me by themselves. But then I laugh, my reaction time to voices and insecurities have been so different that i know growth and the work of God is real:

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