Sometimes I Let a Voice Inside of Me Tell Me I’m a Total Failure….

But from now on, the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the mighty God.”… (Luke 22:69).
Jesus knew His place in God’s story. Even though others tried to tell Him that He was a criminal He still understood that His true identity was not in what people said about Him, but in who God has defined Him to be. He was the Son of God. The hope of glory, seated not in shame, but in victory at the right hand of the Father. Although those around Him tried to shame Him into something different He stood firm in who the Father said that He was.
what does God think about me
Sometimes, I let the words of others, spoken in their own insecurity, define me. Words like, “Yeah, you’re not very wise for doing that,” or, “You know, you should really ___________” or “You are _____________.” You know, those words and phrases that you let define you that are not from God. Sometimes I hear them in my heart when I’m seeking freedom from the past.
“You’ll never get out from under this.”
“You’re such a disappointment.”
“You deserved this.”
“You’re a failure.”
As the words of the accuser were flung at the son of God He stood firm in His identity that was rooted in the Father’s love. Although it was certainly wrong, unjust and unfair, Jesus did not fight it. Instead, He rested His heart and mind in the truth of the Father. Many times in life, we get stuck in our circumstances instead of learning that joy is found, even in life’s greatest tragedies as we rest in the words that our Heavenly Father speaks over us.
“You are my beloved.”
“You are my child”
“I will never leave you.”
“You are wonderfully made.”
“You have a purpose.”
Lord, today, I want to rest in the words you have spoken over me. Whatever the enemy tries to shame me with, instead, Lord, I pray that I would let your words define me. Abba, thank you that my joy, hope, peace, and purpose is found in you alone. Yes, I am a child of God, may I live in that promise today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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