Hanging on the Words of Jesus, Instead of the Words of People

because all the people hung on his words…..(Luke 19:48).

I wish that I was always hanging on the words of Jesus, but sometimes I’m not. I’ll be honest, I often find myself hanging instead on the words of people. I let their opinion of me or their words start to define me or give me significance. I start to drown in my own insecurity if people don’t offer me the attention I would expect. My own selfish heart struggles to find joy and contentment in the Lord when all I want is the praise and attention of those around me.
Yet, there is a Savior whose words are life and peace. His words calm the most anxious of hearts and give life to those who live in the greatest amount of fear and insecurity. Yes, His name is Jesus. He is a powerful, kind, loving and courageous Savior.
Whenever I hang on the words of Jesus my heart is content. Yes, as I cling to Him, I don’t need to worry or fret about what man says or doesn’t say, because my delight is found in His love that dances over me.
Choosing the words of Jesus doesn’t always come easy to me. Mostly, because my first inclination is to lean into whatever I’m feeling at that moment. Our feelings will almost always lead us away from the goodness of God. In those moments His words cannot soothe us, because we have not clung to them.
Yet, even in our stubbornness, the love of our Savior awaits us to return to Him. As I cling to Him and His word, I am changed. Yes, I am changed. I am not left as I once was. Truly, He is a loving Savior who takes even the darkest of hearts and breathes new life into them. Today I will choose to cling to His words because they are what fill me with joy, life peace, and satisfaction. They are what give me hope as I hang on His every word.
Abba, daddy, you are so good. Your heart is always searching the earth for those who want to seek you. Lord, let that be true of my heart today. I long to cling to your word and feast from it. I want to be humble enough to say that I don’t always do this and for that reason, I need your grace. Lord, speak words of life into my heart today, in Jesus name, Amen.

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