Lead The Way For The Next Generation

Under his direction the altars of the Baals were torn down… (2 Ch 34:4).

At the age of eight, Josiah became King. Then, at 12 he began to purge Israel of the idols she had clung so tightly too for her satisfaction. Through his bravery and commitment to the Lord, he worked hard to bring the hearts of those in Israel back to God.
You see, revival begins within the heart of man when we start to purge the idols we have clung to in our hearts. We must begin to tear our own personal idols down if we’re going to see God’s glory on display in us.
You see, God lives inside of us, but He cannot shine brightly through us if we have set up competition against Him. It’s not that our competition is stronger than God, it’s that God won’t force His way. He waits, patiently, for us, to show Him off as we purge ourselves of the idols in our hearts.
I am not surprised that it was a young person who led the way for change in the nation of Israel. We don’t give young people enough credit. Nor do we often expect them to rise to the occasion. But you see, young people are longing for something real, something authentic and something life-changing to join in.
Last night, at youth group, I had the privilege of sharing the message. At the end of my message, I challenged the students to do some real inventory of their own heart. I had small bottles of water near the stage with markers and buckets. I said, “it’s time to pour yourself out to God, to pour out your hurt, pain, and sin. Take a bottle of water and write on it something you want to pour out to God. Maybe it’s your sin. Maybe it’s your pain or maybe it’s your whole life.”
But you see, I didn’t just stop there and let them respond. Instead, I led the way by confessing my own personal sin issue of fear and control that I was pouring out to God. If we as adults want to see young people rise to the top and pursue God with reckless abandon we have to be willing o lead the way. We have to show them the way out and into the arms of the healer. As we do this, we communicate something very important, it is this, “that we are just like them, people who struggle against sin and are in need of God’s daily grace.” We’re not above them. We’re on the same team, a little further along in our journey, working towards our own personal freedom with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Father, use our lives. Help us walk humbly before others. Forgive us when we stray. We ask for your mercy. Fill our hearts with your grace, we pray, in Jesus name, Amen.

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